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Nintendo Download | Z-Warp

Coming off writing up Kirby and the Forgotten Land, this Nintendo Download could honestly be a bit more interesting. But we’re gonna make it work! There’s a couple adequate featured titles, a special publisher sale and the usual rigmarole. And though I usually avoid sports-based games like the plague, one of our featured titles is a sports game, so I’ll mention it. But first, let’s start with a far more interesting journey in space.


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…


Nintendo Download | LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

At this point, pretty much everybody is a Star Wars fan to some degree. But not many Star Wars games are like LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. It lets you play through all nine movies (even the bad ones) with LEGO versions of iconic characters. And you don’t just have to play as the good guys, either. You can play Sith and even droids, if you wish. Honestly, if you’re even slightly enamored of the series, I think this game is worth checking out. The other featured title I’m less excited about. It’s MLB The Show 22. It features cross-platform play, the return of the popular Diamond Dynasty mode, and even lets you create your own playable athletes. So if you like pretending you’re playing sports, it might be worth your time.

Next up, in honor of the recent release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, there’s a bunch of themed My Nintendo rewards to check out. Firstly, you can help Kirby with his Mouthful Mode transformations on this website for a chance to win Platinum Points. It’ll also reward you with a Present Code you can redeem in-game. If that’s not enough, you can also check out a shopping bag based on the recent release very soon.


Reflect on These Savings


Nintendo Download | A Memoir Blue

How about a special publisher sale? 11 Bit Studios has one from today until 4/16, and it offers pretty significant savings. Normally I wouldn’t mention all the games available, but it’s a pretty short list, so here goes. You can get Beat Cop, Children of Morta (regular or complete edition + DLC), Moonlighter (regular or complete edition + DLC) and This War of Mine: Complete Edition. To see the full details of this sale, just click here.


Download Some Good Stuff


Nintendo Download | Ultreia

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo Download without some Game Guide savings, so here’s a few to check out. Fans of revamped classics can check out Asteroids: Recharged for $7.99 and Breakout: Recharged for $8.99. For something strange, try Abarenbo Tengu & Zombie Nation for $9.59. To blast through space with furry friends, try B.ARK for $6.99. And to get your ninja fix, try Within the Blade for $6.59.

Time for some more robust savings. Experience a bizarre story in Noel the Mortal Fate for $17.49. Or get sexy with fangers in Crimson Spires for $11.99. Escape with your life in Abyss of the Sacrifice for half off at $19.99. Get lost in a horrifying nightmare world in Vigil: The Longest Night for $13.19. Or get tactical in Nowhere Prophet for $14.99.


Burning Hot


Nintendo Download | Imp of the Sun

Nearly done, but first some digital games. Fans of retro can check out Super Cyborg. If you’re more invested in some story, try these – A Memoir Blue, COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princess, Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between and Vengeful Heart. For action-packed gameplay, try Dieselpunk Wars, Steel Sword Story S and Red Wings: American Aces. Puzzle fans might check out Broken Pipe. If you want to explore, try DYSMANTLE and Ultreïa. Blast hideous mutants in Outbreak: Contagious Memories. Or shoot em’ up in Z-Warp. And lastly, platformer fanatics should check out the following – Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition, Imp of the Sun and Richy’s Nightmares.


Paper Beats Everything


Nintendo Download | Flat Kingdom PCE

Not a bad send off for March. Thanks as usual for checking out the Nintendo Download. And be sure to tune in to HPP for more Nintendo goodness in April!

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