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Batman Villains Who Shouldn’t Be In Video Games

There are a lot of Batman foes that have never appeared in video games, and for some of them, that’s probably for the best. With over half a decade’s worth of comics, there is no question that Batman has one of the biggest galleries of villains in the medium. However, with so many foes ought, there are bound to be a few that can’t measure up.

Batman has a number of memorable villains. His archenemy, The Joker, is among the most famous supervillains of all time. Other enemies from his history, such as Two-Face and The Riddler, share similar, albeit lesser acclaim. One of his old foes, Harley Quinn, has even become a hero since their initial clash. His villain roster is almost as deep as it is large, and many Batman villains could easily appear in video games because of their entertainment potential. However, other villains lack that crossover appeal.


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There are a lot of one-off and generic Batman villains who don’t need to be included in video games. However, a few, in particular, can serve as great examples of what makes a villain unsuited for a Batman game. Whether they be too generic, too ridiculous, or just a bad fit, there are several reasons why a villain may not make the cut.

Ten-Eyed Man Is A Complete Joke, And Not Fit For A Batman Game

Ten-Eyed Man's might be even weaker than a run-of-the-mill burglar.

Philip Reardon is a former soldier who lost his sight in an explosion that happened at his security guard job after he returned to Gotham. Due to unfortunate timing, he blamed Batman for this and began a life of crime. A surgeon wired his optic nerves to his fingertips, somehow giving him the ability to see with his fingers, with every finger acting as an eye. Arkham Asylum‘s Batman & Robin reference may have been cheesy, but Ten-Eyed Man’s power is even more ridiculous, especially since each of his fingers is as sensitive as a human eye.

The problems with Ten-Eyed Man are evident just from his description. He is a villain whose weakness is that he can’t touch anything without hurting himself, and his power isn’t even good in the first place. He debuted in 1970 when comic book heroes still thrived on incredibly gimmicky villains and stories, and it shows. Ten-Eyed Man is almost completely impossible to take seriously due to his gimmicked name, awful power, and a glaring weakness that makes him arguably less of a threat than a mundane criminal.

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If Ten-Eyed Man ever somehow appeared in a Batman video game, it would likely be as a tutorial boss designed to introduce the player to basic mechanics. However, considering how prone he would be to accidentally dying like many Arkham baddies, even this may be giving him too much credit. Ten-Eyed Man is largely regarded as a joke, and rightfully so. There is no reason for a villain as weak and gimmicky as him to be in one of Batman’s video games.

The Penny Plunderer Is A Completely Flat Batman Villain

The Penny Plunderer's gimmick is far too restrictive to be a good villain.

Joe Coyne was a man who frequently stole pennies, until one day he lost his job and began a penny-themed crime spree as the Penny Plunderer. That is more or less his entire backstory. The Penny Plunderer has no superpowers or even an elaborate costume. He is simply a man in a suit who uses pennies and penny-themed gadgets to commit crimes.

The Penny Plunderer has one of the most specific and limiting quirks of any villain in Batman’s rogue’s gallery. Using pennies as a basis for all of his crimes means that there is only so much that can be done with him, especially compared to the horrifying potential Scarecrow showed in the Arkhamverse. Aside from rolling giant pennies, using trick penny rolls, or just stealing pennies in general, it’s difficult to come up with a lot of things for him to do. DC seems to have realized that, as The Penny Plunderer has heavily fallen into obscurity over the last several decades. He is badly limited by his gimmick, and as a result, he simply can’t offer as much as most of Batman’s past enemies.

To add insult to injury, The Penny Plunderer’s claim to fame, being the original owner of the giant penny in the Batcave, was retconned to Two-Face instead. It’s honestly a bit sad at how easily and completely The Penny Plunderer fell from relevance. However, even if Batman‘s biggest villains stop oversaturating the games, it’s unlikely for The Penny Plunderer to get an appearance. There is no denying that his potential is very limited, much too limited to be a reasonable choice for a video game villain.

Abattoir Is A One-Note Killer And A Lackluster Batman Villain

Abattoir is a serial killer who is not interesting enough for video games.

Arnold Etchison was a serial killer who believed that his family was evil and that he could gain powers by killing him. Becoming a murderer known as Abattoir, he targeted his own family members remorselessly, clashing with Batman and Azrael in the process. Abattoir did not show up in many stories, and after his eventual death at Azrael’s hands, he never returned aside from a couple of isolated incidents where he rose from the dead.

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Abattoir is quite different from most Batman villains. He does not involve himself in wild capers and heists like most of Batman’s foes. He is solely focused on his murders, specifically those of his family. This limits him almost as badly as The Penny Plunderer, and his over-the-top edginess and gruesome acts ensure that he wouldn’t be able to join other Batman villains in Fortnite. Not to mention, Batman already has a serial killer foe in the form of Mr. Zsasz, who has a much more striking look with his tally mark-covered body. Conversely, Arnold lacks any sort of flair. As a result, despite his bizarre motives, Abattoir is a rather bland serial killer who is difficult to imagine fun stories for.

While many Batman villains have been reinvented and re-introduced, Abattoir remained in the past. As a much edgier villain than the norm without many interesting characteristics, it’s no wonder why he hasn’t been brought back. And if Abattoir doesn’t have a reason to return to the comics, then his chances of being in a game are very poor indeed. With Gotham Knights taking inspiration from great Batman stories, a lacking murderer like Abattoir doesn’t have a chance.

Not all of Batman’s enemies are fit for a video game appearance, as the aforementioned characters prove. While The Joker, Bane, and others continue to make appearances, characters like Ten-Eyed Man will likely remain in the shadows. Batman games need great villains to drive them, and unfortunately, not every villain has that ability.

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