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Body horror shooter ILL is basically John Carpenter’s The Thing in video game form

First-person survival horror ILL is about as close as you’re going to get to another game based on The Thing. In a new trailer revealed at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana this gruesome FPS showed off its horrific monsters – eldritch messes of mutated human flesh and bones out to consume the player.

The shambling mockeries of flesh you’ll face in ILL are more than than they look, too. These creatures can transform in real time as you fight – splitting and rearranging their broken masses of flesh into more horrific forms that will force you to reassess combat on the fly. This doesn’t pull any punches with how you’ll deal with the threats you face either, with a focus on dismemberment. Blow away heads, arms and legs, or whatever it takes to slow these creatures down or give you an advantage to fight on. You can even try breaking up the environment around you to create space or an opportunity to escape. 

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