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Nintendo Direct event heavily tipped for June 29

It looks likely that there will be another Nintendo Direct event held at the very end of this month, according to numerous tips.

We would normally have heard about, and indeed received, a Nintendo Direct event by this point in June. However, it seems this video highlighting current games in development for the Switch has been delayed a little rather than cancelled outright.

That’s the claim being made by several sources. Sony Santa Monica writer and former games journalist Alanah Pearce recently stated during a Twitch livestream that “I believe there is a Nintendo Direct coming on the 29th”.

She added that this information didn’t come from Nintendo, so a certain quantity of salt needs to be applied to her proclamation. However, Pearce is not the only source of this June 29 Nintendo Direct rumour.

Video game websites VGC and TRG have both subsequently corroborated Pearce’s claim.

So what might Nintendo have in store for us at a theoretical late-June Direct event? Most obviously, we’d hope for more details (and presumably gameplay footage) of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. We’re a year out from its release, and it’s about time Nintendo threw us a bone on the follow-up to the biggest and best game on Switch.

We’ll keep holding a vigil for more Metroid Prime 4 info too. We know practically nothing about this game, aside from the fact that production was scrapped and handed over to the original Prime custodians at Retro Studios some time before early 2019. Surely there must be something substantial to show after more than three years.

Some footage of the next batch of extra Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks would seem like a dead cert. It’s been around three months since the first batch of tracks was released, so the next lot should be imminent.

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