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Today’s Wordle Answer (#359) – June 13, 2022

It’s the start of yet another week of Wordle, so it’s time to load up your best guesses and let ’em fly. Today is June 13 and the day’s Wordle is a decidedly simple one. It’s deceptively simple even, so don’t complicate things too much while you’re guessing. Today’s word isn’t fancy or archaic. It also certainly isn’t complex, considering y’know, there’s only five letters in Wordle.

Have you tried today’s Wordle? Since I don’t have more hints down below for you I’ll give you one more up here. While I can’t tell you what letter it is, I will say that there’s one that repeats in today’s word. Typically when that’s been the case, it’s been a vowel doubled right next to itself, but I’d encourage you to think of other words that use a letter twice, and how they might be split up. If you want a leg up on today’s word, we’ve got a very handy list of the best starting words you can use to get the answer quicker. While they don’t account for double letters, knocking out the rest of the word should definitely help out!

Today’s Wordle Answer – June 13, 2022

You can find today’s answer at the very bottom, but before you scroll past this, stay a while and use today’s hint in order to get today’s Wordle. Today’s answer isn’t traditionally game-y so you’re getting one hint rather than two, but I think you’ll be able to get it.

  • Hint: Gaming charity marathons are a pretty common thing to see in gaming spaces. Everyone from huge organizations (like GameSpot!) to common streamers does them, and their success relies on people giving them money for the cause they’re funding. What do you call those fine upstanding who give things like money to charities?

Have you gotten today’s Wordle yet? I’ve got your answer right here in case you’re still stumped. Today’s Wordle is…donor. Folks who give charitably, like money to St. Jude’s Research or even video games to people who can’t typically afford them, are considered donors. You all should consider being donors! Extra Life, the charity most gamers are likely familiar with, typically have their big fundraising events in the fall, but there’s no such time as a bad time to give money to children’s research hospitals, or even find other great causes to support! Be a donor y’all, it’s a wonderful thing to do. That’s all I’ve got for you today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for another round of Wordle hints.

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