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5 Cozy Games Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

On June 11, Wholesome Games launched its second annual Wholesome Direct — a showcase of nearly 100 indie video games with an overall cozy and wholesome feel. Some of these games had already been announced, while others made their debut during the stream. And while the majority of these cozy games at the Wholesome Direct 2022 looked creative, a few Nintendo Switch games, in particular, caught our eyes. Here are some upcoming titles to watch out for.

Wholesome Direct 2022 art shows pastel objects on a cloud

Wholesome Direct 2022 | Wholesome Games

‘Freshly Frosted’ (out now)

Freshly Frosted is a pastel-colored puzzle game where players work in a donut factory. The object of each puzzle is to place conveyor belts that will allow the donuts to reach their proper destinations. And when players need help, a calming voice will guide them in the right direction. Freshly Frosted has more than 140 puzzles across a dozen donut boxes. And there’s no need to wait to play — Freshly Frosted is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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