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Microsoft Teases New Xbox Game With Popular Developer Hideo Kojima

Microsoft said it’s partnered with famed game maker Hideo Kojima, the director behind hit games like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding for the Xbox video game console. Kojima announced the partnership in a recorded message, but didn’t offer any other details about what the game will be, what it’ll be called or even when it’s being released. 

“It may take some time,” Kojima said through a translator during the announcement. The popular developer and leader of Kojima Productions is known for focusing on quality with his games, which sometimes can take many years. Kojima hinted that Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology will be an important aspect of the title, adding that it’s a game he’s “always wanted to make.”

Microsoft’s announcement came as part of its annual summer announcement event, which included reveals of the new action game Minecraft Legends and the space adventure title Starfield, both coming next year. The company also used its event to announce details about the upcoming releases of anticipated titles like Activision Blizzard’s online battle game Overwatch 2 and its next big dungeon-horror title, Diablo 4

Kojima’s team is also working on a sequel to its popular PlayStation title, Death Stranding.

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