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Nintendo Direct Potentially Planned for June 15 – Rumour

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There’s no shortage of major upcoming events for people to look forward to, but the one big absentee in that long list so far has been Nintendo. The Japanese giant traditionally has a big Nintendo Direct blowout in June of every year, and many have been waiting with bated breath for the company to announce this year’s show- though no such announcement has been forthcoming until now.

Well, as many have predicted, it looks like a Nintendo Direct is still very much in the pipeline. Recently, a Reddit user shared an image of an email they received for potential coverage of an upcoming game from its developer. The user, who say they’re a content creator, had edited out details from the screenshot to obscure what game the email was in reference to, but other Redditors have managed to figure out that it’s for Neon White, Angel Matrix and Annapurna Interactive’s first person shooter, which is due out for Switch and PC in “early Summer”, as per previous trailers.

Interestingly, the email mentions that any coverage of the game is embargoed until June 15, 9 AM PT. The assumption here is that that’s when a Nintendo Direct will drop, and that Direct is where a shadow drop release for Neon White will be announced. Considering the game’s Switch exclusivity, that would make some sense.

Reddit moderators, for what it’s worth, have been able to verify that the user did indeed receive this email. That doesn’t necessarily prove that a Nintendo Direct is coming, of course, but it’s an interesting coincidence of timing if not.

Either way, if there is a Nintendo Direct coming soon, an announcement shouldn’t be far away. Generally, however, Nintendo announces its Direct presentations two days before they go live, so we might have to wait for confirmation until next week. Stay tuned until then for more updates.

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