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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords’ Cut Content Will Require Fresh Save on Switch

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is one of the more notorious examples of a game that released in an arguably unfinished state. PC modders eventually restored tons of missing quests and dialogue that hinted at a more fulfilling experience, as many of those files were left in the game. Publisher Asypr previously stated that the Nintendo Switch version of the role-playing game would be getting some of this content down the line, but has recently explained that it will require a fresh save.

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The port, which came out last week on the Nintendo platform, only includes the base experience. And, as spotted by Eurogamer, Aspyr warned players in a series of tweets  that any saves started before the DLC’s eventual launch would not be compatible with the restored version. This means Switch users either need to wait to play the complete game or start it sooner and only get the base experience. It will be possible to disable the DLC in the options to continue with these older saves, but those who want to see it all are likely better off waiting a few more months since the cut content is on track to come out in Q3 2022.

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As for what is in the DLC, Aspyr said it will have “new scenes, dialog options, a tweaked ending, and some minor bug fixes.” This calls back to the famous Sith Lords Restoration Project, which had an expanded ending sequence that details the future of each companion, better dialogue throughout the campaign, and a bunch of new quests.

The game’s various other versions also had the same issue as the Switch, as Aspyr warned PC, Linux, and Mac players that they would need to have a new save in order to play with the mod. However, while some of the mod’s founders did make a mobile version, Aspyr hasn’t been as open about the mod on those platforms, even saying that the Restored Content DLC was “not available” after not bringing it up on either FAQ.

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