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Controversial tactical shooter Ready or Not returns to Steam after brief removal

Update 6/18/22: Ready or Not is once again available on Steam (opens in new tab). According to a tweet from Void Interactive (opens in new tab), the developer removed Ready or Not due to a copyright claim regarding trademarked material in a nightclub level added on June 12, the sixth anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. According to the developer’s statement, it willingly removed the potentially copyright-infringing content from the game as a “show of good faith,” rather than dispute the claim. The removal was not, as some speculated, any form of moderation by Steam or Void in response to the level’s release on the mass shooting’s anniversary.

Original Story: As reported by NME (opens in new tab), tactical FPS Ready or Not was removed from the Steam store without warning on June 16, with the developers claiming it was a backend error that will soon be addressed.

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