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Fallout London Details the 7 Factions That Will Be Featured in the Mod

This past week has seen a flood of information be revealed for Bethesda Software’s next major game release, Starfield. During interviews with game director Todd Howard, he drew attention to the importance of mods and how they will continue to be supported in Starfield. It’s no surprise that Howard feels this way, as mod support for both The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4 remain strong. As a perfect example, a new video has been released for the upcoming Fallout 4 mod Fallout London.


The new video for Fallout London delves into an aspect of the mod that many Fallout fans love about not just the franchise, but nearly every other Bethesda game, too. The video, made by YouTuber yaboii, is about the factions of Fallout London. More specifically, there are seven factions in total in the video, with more hinted at, and each is given a healthy introduction. Five of these factions are confirmed to allow the player to join them.

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The seven factions featured in the Fallout London video are The Gentry, The Tommies, Camelot, The 5th Column, The Isle of Dogs Syndicate, The Vagabonds, and Angel. It’s the last five that can be joined. Respectively, these factions include the ghoul-fied royalty of England, a human English militia protecting London aligned with The Gentry, a revolutionary movement seeking Democracy, a mysterious cult of personality also seeking revolution, a violent Mafioso group, a rival “Peaky Blinders” group of gangsters, and a shadowy science-focused program pulling the strings behind the scenes.

In Fallout London, players take on the role of a strange figure that awakes in a tank by scientists of Angel. The character then escapes the Angel facility, perhaps as Angel intended. They’re then free to join factions as they please and potentially influence the future direction of post-apocalypse England, for better or worse.

As for when Fallout 4 fans can expect more information regarding the upcoming mod’s full release, there’s, unfortunately, no information to share. A release window has yet to be confirmed. Some Fallout fans are hoping that there will be a surprise release date confirmation or even launch during the ongoing Fallout For Hope charity event. The event runs through June 30th, so there’s still time for a possible announcement. Otherwise, The Fallout London team will simply announce it when it’s ready, whenever that may be.

Fallout London is just one example of the amazing mod experiences Bethesda’s community has created over the years. That Todd Howard would draw attention to the value of mods to the success of Bethesda’s game as part of Starfield‘s big unveiling shows how much mods mean to these games. It helps that the mods are often very impressive, too. Expect more information regarding the Fallout London mod in the months to come.

Fallout 4 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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