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New costumes, possible release date, and more details

According to reliable Fall Guys leaker Pancake, a collaboration between the Mediatonic release and Halo will be kicking off in the near future. If true, the collab will begin about a week after Fall Guys officially goes free-to-play, which was recently revealed by the company. As Mediatonic has not confirmed this, this information must be taken with a grain of salt.

Pancake also made it clear in their tweet that if Mediatonic wants the tweet taken down, they just have to send the leaker a DM, and it will disappear. Judging by the trailer, it is possible that the company accidentally leaked the reveal.

Recent trailer leak reveals upcoming Fall Guys and Halo crossover

MT seemingly leaked the Halo trailer on Bilibili. Collab looks like it releases June 30th?If you want it gone MT, shoot me a DM.

Earlier today, the leaker Pancake posted the collaboration reveal trailer on Twitter. What’s interesting about the leak is that according to Pancake, Mediatonic themselves released the video on the Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili. According to the video, the collab is expected to kick off on June 30 and is said to last until July 4 on all platforms.

The video itself is a spoof/tribute to the classic Halo 3 “Believe” trailer. In the trailer, the characters are all paused mid-action, just like in the original Halo 3 trailer. That is, until one of the Fall Guy characters wiggles, squirms, and falls over. It’s an adorable set piece by Mediatonic, showcasing a wide array of cosmetics that are already in the game.


Towards the end of the trailer, more Halo content begins to become visible as the lone moving bean wanders around. Within the event, Fall Guys will reportedly see quite a few new cosmetics coming to the game. The trailer teases Master Chief’s armor, Brute Chieftain armor, Grunt armor, and the Halo Infinite Spartan helmet with cat ears.

It’s a fascinating trailer, combining the cute look of Fall Guys with the melancholy music from the Halo franchise. There is no further information at this time on what will be required of players to unlock the various Halo-themed cosmetics in Fall Guys when this event inevitably kicks off.

On June 21, 2022, the game will go free to play. If the current information is true, then this major collaboration will kick off about a week later.


Mediatonic is no stranger to big names and collaborations. In the trailer that confirmed the game was going free-to-play, some of the biggest American streamers, including Sykkuno, Rachell “Valkyrae,” and Jack “CouRage,” were spotted.

Thankfully, fans of Mediatonic’s game won’t have to wait long to find out if this reveal is accurate since the event is reportedly scheduled to begin in a few weeks.

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