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The latest Fortnite glitch needs to be fixed soon.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently in its 21st season. However, the game still isn’t perfect as there is a new Fortnite glitch surfacing almost every day.

This makes sense considering how much content Epic Games releases almost every week. Furthermore, glitches are a rare occurrence and are mostly not bad.

However, the most recent Fortnite glitch broke the game and players are hoping Epic will fix it soon. It allows one to go under the map and win games without much effort.

This Fortnite glitch allows players to get easy wins

Epic Games has added many new items to Fortnite Battle Royale with the release of Chapter 3, Season 3. In the new season, players can now interact with boulders that can be found on a few hills in the game.

These boulders can be used as protection against opponents, but they are mostly ideal for attacking as they deal massive damage to enemies.

Unfortunately, it appears that Epic hasn’t tested boulders completely. Their interaction with vehicles causes a Fortnite glitch that gives players a massive advantage over their enemies.

More specifically, Fortnite fans can use boulders and Whiplash cars to teleport under the map. While one is under the map, they can move freely to almost anywhere on the island without risking elimination.


Popular YouTuber GKI, who is known for sharing popular glitches, recently posted a video that explains how this one works.

As soon as a boulder hits a Whiplash car, the glitch will cause it to go under the map for a second. The car will resurface, but if players exit it while under the map, they will stay there for the entire game.

The video shows how to perform this method to perfection and gain an advantage over enemies. Unfortunately, players cannot approach the Zero Point even while using this Fortnite glitch.

Some Fortnite players believe that the Zero Point will slowly drain water from the entire island, which is why one cannot get close to it.

When will the glitch be fixed?

Considering that this glitch gives players a huge advantage over others, one can expect Epic Games to fix it very soon. The YouTube video has gained a lot of prominence in a short period of time, which should be enough to get Epic’s attention.

Abusing Fortnite glitches on live servers is a serious offense and could easily lead to a ban. [Image via Epic Games]
Abusing Fortnite glitches on live servers is a serious offense and could easily lead to a ban. [Image via Epic Games]

In the meantime, watch out for those who are using this glitch to win games. Unlike Creative XP glitches, this is something that could get players banned, so it’s wise to avoid it.

After all, players who use it for wins are considered cheaters and that is a bannable offense. Those who get caught cheating multiple times may lose their Fortnite accounts permanently.

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