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Xbox Series X and Xbox One Users Surprised With Free Money

Last week, Microsoft gave out Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X users free $10 gift cards. This week, it’s followed this up with more free money. Unfortunately, this time it’s for less money. Last time, Microsoft was dishing out free gift cards via email. This time, it’s sending free gift cards via Xbox Messages. This time the gift cards are for only $5 though, but like last time, it seems this giveaway is completely random. While multiplayer users have reported receiving a piece of the newest wave, many more have reported nada. It’s likely that not only is this giveaway random, but very limited and possibly limited to certain regions. 

Of course, there’s the usual speculation that these giveaways are narrowed down to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscribers or both, but there’s no evidence for this at the moment. Microsoft does these type of giveaways several times a year, and the only catch is usually they are very limited and equally random. 

As always, we will keep you updated when and if more information surfaces, but right now, it seems like Microsoft will not be promoting this offer and thus there’s no reason to anticipate additional details. And for what it’s worth, in the past, it’s provided zero details about these types of promotions. Why, we don’t know, but it’s presumably because the giveaway is so limited that it’s not worth promoting and drawing backlash from the many who aren’t lucky enough to be on the receiving end.

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