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Anthony Davis Officially Joins E-Sports Team

Anthony Davis alarmed plenty of Lakers fans last weekend when he stated that he hadn’t shot a basketball since April 5th. Davis made the statement during an appearance in a video on the “Nuke Squad” YouTube channel. Apparently, it wasn’t just a cameo appearance on the gaming clan’s channel.

Davis tweeted out that he has officially become the group’s fifth member. 

The group’s leader Kris Lamberson, who goes by “FaZe Swagg”, posted a photo of Davis’ new Nuke Squad inspired necklace.

Plenty of Lakers fans are sure to have plenty of thoughts about Davis joining Nuke Squad, but it’s fairly common for this generation of NBA players to spend time playing video games. The timing of the move for AD isn’t the best, especially coming off a season where he missed 42 games and shot just 18.9% from three-point range.

AD is clearly reading at least some of the news. Just days after create a firestorm about his practice habits, Davis was spotted with prominent shooting specialist Chris Matthews. 

After missing 78 games over the last two regular seasons, this upcoming season feels like a pivotal one for AD. His injury history can’t entirely be pinned on him, at least last year. 

His first injury was a knee injury after LeBron effectively shoved his defender into Davis. AD’s second injury was from attempting a rebound and landing on Rudy Gobert’s foot. Two instances of very poor luck.

Regardless, Davis needs to stay healthy this coming year and perform, or the whole gaming infatuation isn’t going to sit well with Lakers fans. 

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