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PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller review: An customisable alternative to Nintendo’s Pro controller – Eugene Sowah

PowerA’s Fusion Pro aims to elevate the user experience with its customisation

PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller

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PowerA has a wide selection of hardware that caters to different types of gamers. Their extensive catalogue of products aims to match the original hardware it’s based on.

The Fusion Pro Wireless Controller is PowerA’s reimagination of Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller but at a slightly higher price tag.

The first noticeable feature of the Fusion Pro Wireless is the exceptional build quality that feels much more premium than other third-party products.

Its design is akin to that of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and it feels almost identical when holding. PowerA’s controller is a tad heavier than Nintendo’s with the Mappable Pro pack giving it extra weight.

The faceplate is made from a sturdy plastic that has a nice matt black finish which elevates its overall aesthetic. Its handles are made from a textured rubber material which allows for better grip whilst playing.

PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller is an customisable alternative to Nintendo’s Pro controller



I’m glad PowerA hasn’t gone for a glossy finish as the controller would have been really susceptible to scuffs and scratches.

If the Black colour scheme isn’t for you then you’re in luck as a second swappable faceplate has been included that’s a white and orange colour scheme.

PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller is a splendid looking controller that feels really premium and sturdy.

My only issue is that it can feel a bit weird to hold over long periods when the Mappable Pro pack is fitted in, but this can be changed over for a different back cover.

One of the big features for this controller is the customisation and there is a lot of it. As I mentioned earlier, players will be able to swap out the face plate for the secondary one.

It comes with an extra swappable faceplate



The controller comes with two extra taller analog sticks – a convex or concave cap. This is really handy as it will allow players to swap to suit their gaming requirements.

However, PowerA could have included two of each, just so players can have the choice of having either two convex or concave.

The customisation extends to the button set-up where players can remap their buttons to the Pro pack.

The mappable pro pack is placed at the back of the controller with triggers that allow for easier access, which will be handy, especially in shooters.

Changing the buttons is really easy, just by pressing a few buttons. This is a great feature to have as it can widely expand the players’ gaming experience.

I do wish the Pro pack was slightly smaller as it can get in the way when you are trying to hold the grips and players could press one of the triggers by accident.

The Fusion Pro Wireless controller comes with other features such as motion controls and a 3.5mm jack sound option for headphones.

The controller will allow players to remap its buttons



The only issue with this is that the headphones don’t seem to work in wireless mode which is very strange.

The Fusion Pro Wireless controller has got a few annoying omissions that challenge its pricing.

It lacks vibration which is a massive oversight as this is a pretty standard feature, with cheaper controllers having this function.

There isn’t any Amiibo support which isn’t a deal-breaker but with the price being more than Nintendo’s you would expect this to be included.

There are two ways of connecting to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth and a 9.8ft USB -C connector.

I found no issues with connecting the controller from each method but it requires players to switch between modes by pressing a button, whereas most controllers will be instantly recognised when connected either way.

Verdict 3/5

PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller is an admirable device that looks and feels as good as Nintendo’s controller.

Giving players the ability to remap buttons is a great feature that not only elevates the player experience but can help take the pressure off certain fingers.

But I have to say it is missing some core features that you find included in much cheaper controllers and for its pricing they just seem like frustrating omissions.

PowerA’s Fusion Pro Wireless controller is out now for £89.99

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