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Nintendo’s Indie Gems Switch eShop Sale Ends Soon, Up To 70% Off (Europe)

Indie Gems Sale
Image: Nintendo UK

Update [Sat 26th Mar, 2022 11:00 GMT]: Just a reminder that Nintendo’s Indie Gems Sale ends on Sunday 27th March, so if you haven’t snapped up the games below that you want, grab ’em while you can!

There’ll still be there on Monday, of course. They’ll just cost more. Check out the full list of available games on Nintendo’s website.

Original Story [Thu 17th Mar, 2022 15:35 GMT]: The Indie Nintendo of Europe has kicked off a brand new indie game sale. The Indie Gems Sale does exactly what you think it’s going to do — it brings discounts to tons of brilliant indie titles.

This is the perfect chance to pick up one of those games that your friend keeps pestering you to buy — that hidden gem (or not-so-hidden gem) that you haven’t tried out yet.

To make the deal even sweeter, don’t forget about our eShop credit deal — we’re currently offering 10% off eShop credit that you can use to buy the above or anything else on the Switch eShop. Or you can get a cheaper dealing on a Nintendo Switch Online sub. That’ll stop you worrying about your wallet getting too light. Stock up below and make sure you pop NLIFE10 in at the checkout to get that 10% saving!

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

The sale starts today, so check out these highlights as a starting point to see what’s on offer:

Game Discounts
Hades £14.61, was £22.49
Loop Hero £10.11, was £13.49

£2.19, was £10.99

Streets of Rage 4 £13.49, was £22.49
Dead Cells £13.49, was £22.49
GRIS £4.34, was £14.49
The Messenger £7.19, was £17.99
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

£7.19, was £17.99

Katana ZERO £8.09 was £13.49
Röki £5.99, was £17.99
TOEM £11.33, was £16.19
The Gardens Between £3.77, was £17.99

This is just a handful of the amazing indies you can pick up. Supergiant Games’ other fantastic Switch release Transistor is also on sale, plus Paradise Killer (which got a free update today!), the addictive Enter the Gungeon, and plenty more.

What will you be picking up in the sale? These deals end in just a few weeks, so hop to it!

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