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The Legend of Bum-bo Release Date Set for June on Switch, PS5, Xbox

Publisher Nicalis has announced that the Edmund McMillen video game The Legend of Bum-bo will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S with a release date of June 29, 2022. The game is a deck-building roguelike prequel to The Binding of Isaac that makes use of a cardboard aesthetic. Visually, the game is what would happen if you made Paper Mario out of dumpster scraps.

The Legend of Bum-bo originally launched on PC in 2019, and it received a lukewarm critical reception compared to some of McMillen’s other works. However, the aspects that work apparently work very well, and fans of the developer’s cerebral and unusual titles will probably dig it. The premise of the game is as follows: “When Bum-bo’s only coin is stolen by a mysterious entity and pulled down into the sewer, Bum-bo finds himself facing droves of deranged enemies, lost children, his fears and (eventually) the beast that stole his beloved coin.” The ensuing journey involves more than 125 unique and upgradeable items, seven playable Bum-bos with different abilities, and “poop!”

Now that the Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series release date is finally set, console players can just sit back and wait for the arrival of The Legend of Bum-bo. But in the interim, Jack Packard interviewed Edmund McMillen for The Escapist last year about making The Binding of Isaac and The Legend of Bum-bo, among many other subjects.

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