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‘Persona 5 Royal’ Nintendo Switch listing appears on European retailer

A version of Persona 5 Royal for Nintendo Switch has appeared on a European retailer, despite no formal announcement of the game’s release on the platform.

The highly sought-after Nintendo Switch release of Persona 5 Royal is currently available to pre-order on retailer World Of Games (via Reddit), with the release date currently set alongside the Xbox, PlayStation and PC release on October 21 this year.

NME has contacted World Of Games for comment, to figure out how and why Persona 5 Royal has been listed for Nintendo Switch on the site despite no formal announcement. This article will be updated shall we receive a response.

Players have been asking for Persona 5 Royal on Switch for some time, and with the game now coming to PC via Steam and Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS5, some think a Switch announcement is imminent.

Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal. Credit: Atlus

This also wouldn’t be the first time that a store has listed a game before its reveal, as the Batman Arkham Collection was listed for Switch on a different website earlier in the year, before a formal announcement.

It could be possible that the announcement of a Switch release is being saved for a Nintendo Direct, with one allegedly set to take place at the end of this month. According to former games journalist and Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce, a Direct is scheduled for June 29, although there’s been no formal announcement of this as of publication.

Pearce said that Nintendo didn’t tell her that personally, but that she won’t be leaking anything in it: “…I’m not leaking anything that’s in it, which is what I think is shitty”. Whether or not Persona 5 Royal will in fact show up at this Nintendo Direct remains to be seen.

In other news, Xbox is set to share 30 indie game demos as part of its Summer Game Fest event.

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