Evercade EXP, A New Handheld Retro Gaming System Announced, Releasing Winter 2022

Evercade EXP, A New Handheld Retro Gaming System Announced, Releasing Winter 2022

Today, Blaze Entertainment has announced the Evercade EXP, a new handheld retro gaming system. It’s the company’s second handheld retro gaming device. The Evercade Handheld was released back in 202o. The Evercade EXP brings multiple new features to the design and has full support for the existing Evercade cartridge library of over 30 cartridge collections and over 300 games. The Evervade EXP cost £ 129.99, $149.99 and will come with a new arcade collection in the box. A black-colored variant Limited Edition Evercade EXP and exclusive extras cost £ 179.99 and is available to pre-order starting on June 1, 2022. The white standard edition will be available to pre-order in September 2022. Further bonus content will be announced in September.

The Evercade EXP features include a high resolution 4.3″ IPS screen that provides an incredibly bright and colorful retro gaming experience. The 800×400 screen is covered with a tempered glass bezel that allows for a clearer view and strong protection. The new system also features a new TATE mode. The Evercade EXP is designed to be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise in order to play vertical-orientated games the way they should be played. The Evercade EXP features two buttons on the left hand side, allowing for comfortable play when using TATE mode. The full controller has been expanded to include L2 and R2 controls. In addition, the Evercade EXP comes with built in WiFi, USB-C support and the mini-HDMI 720p TV output has been redesigned to help with cable stability. The specs for the Evercade EXP is on par with the specs of the Evercade VS console. Like the VS, the Evercade EXP will have a 1.5Ghz processor and 4GB of built-in memory.

The new arcade collection called IREM ARCADE 1 and includes 6 classic games from the renowned arcade developer. The IREM Arcade 1 collection includes R-Type, In the Hunt, Moon Patrol, 10 Yard Fight, Battle Chopper (Mr Heli), and Lighting Swords.

The Evercade EXP Limited Edition comes completely in a black color variant with all the features of the Standard Edition. The Limited Edition also includes an exclusive hard carry case for the Evercade EXP, several art cards, a poster, a certificate of authenticity, a keyring, other fun extras, and a second cartridge collection – TOPLAN ARCADE 1. This game collection includes Flying Shark, Alcon (Slap Shot), Tiger-Heli, Truxton and Zero Wing, Guardian, Snow Bros, and Teki-Paki. The Evercade Limited Edition will be limited to 5000 units and will also be released in Winter 2022.


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