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Diablo Immortal has made $20 million in 2 weeks, and that’s not a lot

Diablo Immortal has made an estimated $20 million+ in total worldwide market revenues excluding China, new data from AppMagic reveals.

Blizzard’s wildly controversial free-to-play Diablo game has hit the ground running with tens of millions in revenues in its first half-month period. If this revenue doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s because it really isn’t, not compared to mobile’s biggest players at least.

Heavy-hitters typically make hundreds of millions of dollars in earnings every month; SensorTower reports that Honor of Kings made $268 million in May 2022, followed by PUBG Mobile with $206 million worldwide revenues.

Blizzard boasted that Diablo Immortal is the biggest game launch in the franchise, but this also rings hollow as the game is free-to-play on mobiles and PC. Furthermore, Diablo Immortal amassed 10 million+ downloads, compared to the 6.3 million purchases of Diablo III at launch in 2012.

In short: Diablo Immortal is now the lowest-reviewed game on Metacritic, remains one of the most controversial video games released in the modern era, and isn’t monetizing particularly well.

That may change once the game releases in China on June 23.

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