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Destiny 2: Where to Find the Bobblehead in Sever

Getting collectibles is a part of every Destiny 2 player’s checklist. Even though collecting is typically a pastime in video games, certain unique items hold the key to opening seals or titles. Since Year 1, Bungie has hidden riches in a number of raids and dungeons for all players to look for and take. With the start of Season 17, they unveiled a fresh collection of items you can pick up every week! The Calus Bobbleheads have a time constraint and may be found all throughout the Leviathan! So let’s find the Bobblehead spot in the Sever – Forgiveness quest for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Bobblehead Location in Sever – Forgiveness

Destiny 2 Sever Forgiveness Bobblehead Location

A new Sever quest that continues the previous week’s plot will become available once you have finished with the Nightmares in the Derelict Leviathan public event, Nightmare Containment. A Calus Bobblehead is concealed here, much like in earlier Sever missions.

This Sever Calus Bobblehead is more challenging to locate than previous ones mainly because it’s not positioned almost at the beginning this time.


Destiny 2: Week Three Bobblehead Location

The region will be recognizable if you have completed the previous Sever – Grief questline. Up until placing the last ritual amplifier, proceed as usual. Climb on top of a little container before descending to make your way to the last fight. One can see Destiny 2’s Sever – Forgiveness Bobblehead location in the picture above. Find it on top of the container shown in the image.

Obtaining all of these collectibles is necessary in order to complete the #1 Fan Triumph. If someone wants the Season of the Haunted Seal, they must also complete this Triumph. Six Calus Bobbleheads had been available for players to acquire up until this week, with the seventh one appearing in this Sever quest.

Don’t worry if you’ve put off completing this quest to obtain the Haunted Seal. The Season of the Haunted will continue until August 23rd, allowing you months to attempt to collect every Calus Bobblehead.

Destiny 2 is available on PCPlayStation, and Xbox platforms if you want to try finding the bobblehead.

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