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Espire 2 Introduces New Playable Frames In Latest Video


Tripwire Interactive released a new video this week for their upcoming game Espire 2, as players get to check out some of the new playable frames. The game was recently revealed as the sequel to the first-person stealth action VR title, which at the moment is currently scheduled to come out in November for the Quest 2. Now you can get a better look at some of the different designs you’ll be able to play in the game, some of which come with all-new abilities that will help you achieve your missions and goals. You can check out the latest video down below.

Espire 2 Introduces New Playable Frames In Latest Video
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

In this development update, the team at Digital Lode discusses the title’s new and updated playable Espire models known as frames. Hear behind-the-scenes details on the creation and enhancement of each unique frame, their impact and advantages on gameplay, and the inventive techniques used to create an immersive experience while controlling them within a VR space. Each Espire frame is suited with its own abilities and attributes, offering strategic benefits for players to discover while playing through Espire 2‘s campaigns.

The first of the two frames, known as “Sinder”, is an upgraded and enhanced model of the original frame from Espire 1: VR Operative. Sinder is tall, fast, and strong, featuring a built-in tranq launcher as its special ability and an iron-sights cam as its special weapon function. The all-new second frame, known as “Sooty”, is a much more compact frame capable of traversing through smaller pathways, proving that size matters when it comes to tactical advantage. “Sooty” is equipped with a noise-maker for distracting enemies and a holo-sight beam as its special weapon function. Additionally, For the first time in the Espire series, players will have the option to control and switch between the two Espire frames throughout missions, adding further strategic depth and replayability.

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