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Suspended: Down However Not Out

If in case you have listened to Pardon My Take at the moment, you’ll know I’ve been suspended from each Macrodosing and PMT for 1 month until the seventeenth of July. I used to be suspended because of my disrespect to my fellow PMT members for not taking the podcast as severely as I ought to. Errors have been made, egos have been bruised, and I take accountability for all my actions. Not going to dwell here is my assertion on the occasions. The Web was brutal to take a look at this weekend sorry if I missed something. 

Now come the implications. Cannot dwell and retreat, be a pussy, and shut down. that is the way you lose. You gotta come up swinging. Feedback and replies (fuck u Reddit despite the fact that I learn you on a regular basis) sucked this weekend, many warranted; thanks to the neuropsychologist who instructed me I may be autistic, or have a Traumatic Mind Harm that precipitated dangerous government perform or a sociopath who does not care. That was the more severe one as a result of as a substitute of simply speaking about probably the most heinous worst shit that one might say about me, not being constructive, might simply be ignored for extremism, this was a medical physician who critiqued my actions and mentioned I have to be institutionalized and handled. Possibly I do, however the fact hurts. That is why you retain fucking trucking. 

Suspension sucks for most of the apparent participation and FOMO causes, however the worst for me personally is the shortage of routine. Podcasting 5 days per week gave me a routine. Do you guys need to hear plans for development? I thrive on routine. Routine is my energy. Having a strict schedule is at all times how I grew up. It might sound far-fetched out of your man’s viewpoint, however I used to thrive underneath a strict routine. From all of your factors of view, you guys assume I am a fuck up with no self-discipline. Earlier than Billy Soccer was on the web, there was a William Cotter. He was fairly achieved within the teachers and athletic fields. In 2017 he took an internship that modified his life so drastically that he might not have the most effective coping mechanisms. I had success in locations the place the routine was constructed by others. However there was much less routine in school and even much less routine in Barstool. I hope you aren’t considering I’m making excuses however figuring out precisely the place I would like to enhance. I would like to keep up self-discipline and integrity when in conditions exterior my routine and implement my very own routine on myself like I used to be another person. Throughout soccer season in my first 12 months out of faculty(fall 2021), the schedule crafted inflexible partitions. Thursday night time soccer, SNF, and MNF all allowed me to have a set-in-stone routine. In my first offseason not in school, I’ve been in lots of conditions that throw me off my routine. With tons of labor journeys, and out-of-town tasks you might be engaged on, the altering of atmosphere makes you neglect your routine and trigger dangerous habits to type that return with you. This isn’t an excuse this can be a notice for future me. Nobody is ideal, and also you guys have seen me, a person with no solution to cover. I do know a few of you fucks who would have been in my similar scenario would have referred to as in sick or claimed covid. I simply can’t cover. I went too exhausting on the Tribeca movie competition, rolled the cube, and I am paying my bets. I am getting susceptible, not in search of pity however to make use of this writing as inward reflection. Setting up and sustaining a strict routine can be essential in my month of suspension. I’ll have 0 construction. I’m fortunately allowed within the workplace and might create content material, simply not on both podcast. On this time, I need to continuously create in a construction I CREATE. THE FIRST CREATION MUST BE A STRICT ROUTINE STRUCTURE.

The concept is that I used to be so ungrateful for the podcasts I used to be on that I now need to create content material with out PMT or Macrodosing as a result of I used to be benefiting from the trickle-down from others who’ve giant followings. Completely agree I did profit. Sure, I completely know I may very well be crafted as a parasite that solely advantages from latching onto others. However I may very well be a bitch and go quietly into the night time and be a simp who tucks tail and begs for forgiveness to get again into everybody’s good graces. I imagine I could make good content material solo. And I’ll go try this this coming week. That is what they assume I am unable to do, and I’ll go try this.  If I fail, you’ll by no means see me once more. I’m down dangerous proper now, however fortuitously, I’m assured to a fault (you realize this by way of podcasts). It is a survival mechanism. It is the identical mentality that made me stroll into HQ2 and simply say screw it, unwell interview, no prep. Although I’m sorry for my actions and would quite want all this had by no means occurred, I’m kinda siked that I’ve tons of time to pursue content material tasks that I have never been capable of do, because of podcasting Sunday-Thursday and attempting to get Tik Toks and blogs out on Friday once I lastly don’t have any commitments. Somewhat die silly and hard-headed than scared and afraid. 

This is a listing of commitments I’ve been attempting to do however have had no time to do this I’ll Pursue in my hiatus.

-Thirteenth spherical with Giant

-Doing a little loopy shit on digital camera with Chef Donny

-Interviewing all the loopy characters on my checklist of dudes.

-Go Looking with Sydnie Wells

-Working alone Tik Tok as a result of earlier than, I principally used PMT as my very own

-Running a blog extra as a result of I’ve extra time. Now I can beat the 100s of bloggers on the positioning to tales I like.

*sidenote Running a blog is like fishing. The individuals who catch probably the most fish are those who’re on the water the longest. You possibly can’t simply present as much as the pond after podcasting all day and discover a fish instantly. You gotta put within the time to search out the proper story or proper thought swimming alongside.

-LIFTING- and making lifting content material. Making content material when you find yourself lifting takes 3x the time simply lifting does. So when it’s essential to raise, you simply raise no content material. 

-Lax content material



-Chris Lengthy’s Inexperienced Mild 

-Handball event

-Shootout for the troops (lax event with barstool guys)

-Streaming I-casino blackjack and different video video games

-Work with Billy’s Listing discord extra

-Go to a taking pictures vary and go shoot tons of weapons for a video

-go fuck Rico (platonically)

-Cry (cuz errors that have been made)

-Go search for RNR opponents who’re appropriate 

31 days to get it going.

Attempting to be optimistic, however it actually sucks, let lots of people down and looking for options.

Hercules was a narrative of redemption from historical instances. Killed his spouse and children, and needed to do 12 godlike labors to get again in good graces.

  • Nemean lion
  • Lernaean Hydra
  • Ceryneian Hind
  • Erymanthian Boar
  • Augean stables
  • Stymphalian birds
  • Cretan Bull
  • Mares of Diomedes
  • Belt of Hippolyta
  • Cattle of Geryon
  • Golden Apples of the Hesperides
  • Cerberus

Hercules is balls to the wall. We’re all dwelling in a Mythos that ain’t been written down but.

 I’m down however not out. I obtained 4 weeks. I ain’t going out like no bitch. Should you do not thoughts, I gotta return to creating. Time to attempt to be humorous once more, take dangers, and get one thing going.

Kerrick. Getty Photos.

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