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Best reviewed washers and dryers on Amazon ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022


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Shopping for a new washer and dryer ahead of Amazon Prime Day? We found the best-reviewed washers and dryers on Amazon that you can buy right now, many of which are on sale. All of these top-rated washers and dryers are rated least four stars and feature many positive reviews from verified Amazon buyers. 

Top products in this article:

LG 31.5″ front load washer and dryer combo, $1,719 (regularly $2,419)

LG 24″ washer-dryer combo, $1,689

Kenmore top-load washer with triple action agitator, $500 (regularly $750)

Amazon has highly rated washers and dryers from LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Black + Decker and more that you can shop right now. We’ve found the best-reviewed washers, dryers and even washer-dryer combos that fit a wide variety of budgets and lifestyles. Shop washer and dryer appliances perfect for small spaces, portable washers and dryers that can easily be moved from room to room, dryers so lightweight they can be hung on a wall, and high-capacity washers that can hold a family’s worth of laundry.

Best of all, a selection of these washers and dryers are on sale now ahead of Amazon’s biggest deals event, Amazon Prime Day. There’s no need to put up with a pile of dirty laundry for the next month. Keep reading to shop the best-reviewed washers and dryers on Amazon right now.

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Best reviewed washer-dryer combo

There’s no need to trek to your local home-improvement store to find a great washer and dryer. You can shop these best-reviewed washer-dryer combos on Amazon right now.

LG 31.5″ front load washer and dryer combo


LG via Amazon

This 4.1-star-rated all-in-one LG washer-dryer combo unit features LG’s 6Motion technology, which uses six different washing motions to achieve your best clean. This home appliance also includes LG’s “Allergiene” cycle, which uses steam to remove common allergens. The laundry unit has even been certified asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 

This device uses ventless condensing to dry your clothes without the need for external venting. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

“This washer/dryer combo is perfect for an apartment or condominium. Much larger capacity than other models. Uses very little water and power,” wrote a verified Amazon customer of this LG front-load washer-and-dryer combo. 

LG 31.5″ front load washer and dryer combo, $1,719 (regularly $2,419)

LG 24″ washer-dryer combo


LG via Amazon

A verified Amazon customer who purchased this 4.2-star-rated LG 24-inch washer-dryer combo raved about how much laundry it can hold, despite being small enough to fit in a closet. “This LG all-in-one is the best thing that has ever happened to me! You would be surprised at what this little all-in-one can hold,” the reviewer wrote

The LG appliance dries laundry without the need for external venting. It features six different wash motions, and a TubClean cycle to sanitize the inside of your machine.  

LG 24″ washer-dryer combo, $1,689

Best-reviewed top-load washers

Shop the best-reviewed top-loading washers on Amazon right now.

Frigidaire top-load washer


Frigidaire Store via Amazon

This 4.4-star-rated large capacity washer comes with Frigidaire’s MaxFill feature, which lets you add the maximum water level for your selected cycle. People who have purchased this washer love having it as an option.

“This machine is awesome!” wrote a verified Amazon customer who purchased the Frigidaire washer. “I can’t tell you enough about having the ability to fill the tub the whole way full of water. This machine has a huge tub and full agitator. There are multiple menu selections available to mix and match the cycle to your custom need. 

“From watching the agitator move the clothes through the wash cycle, I have no doubt the clothes are much cleaner, like deep cleaned.”

Frigidaire top-load washer, $721

Kenmore top-load washer with triple action agitator


Kenmore Store via Amazon

This 4.3-star-rated, large capacity, high-efficiency, top-load washer features 12 wash cycles, including Express Wash for quick loads and Bulky Bedding for sheets, linens, duvets and more. Some settings include a deep-fill option that adds more water to the drum to better manage bulkier loads.

This Kenmore appliance includes a triple-action agitator with a powerful motor that keeps clothes moving during the wash cycle for a thorough clean.

Kenmore top-load washer with triple action agitator, $500 (regularly $750)

Best-reviewed portable washers

Shop the best-reviewed portable washers on Amazon right now.

Comfee 1.6 cu.ft portable washing machine


Comfee Store via Amazon

This 4.4.-star-rated portable washer features six different washing functions and three water temperatures. According to the brand, this small but powerful washer has a Department of Energy certificate stating that it saves 84% more energy than similar models. 

“Better than I imagined,” wrote a verified Amazon customer who purchased the apartment-friendly portable washer. “It even washed my mattress pad cover.”

Comfee 1.6 cu.ft portable washing machine, $300 (regularly $354)

Helohome portable washing machine


Helohome Store via Amazon

This space-saving washing machine features a clear lid and LED display, so you’ll easily remember which of the six washing functions is on. The home appliance features three water temperatures, three water-level options and a child lock to keep out any curious hands. 

Need to move the machine? No problem. This 4.6-star-rated Helohome device features two wheels that allow you to easily move the washer. 

Helohome portable washing machine, $359

Panda portable washing machine


Panda Store via Amazon

This 4.6-star-rated portable washing machine is a great choice for small spaces, such as apartments and RVs. It can be easily connected right to your faucet and comes with a quick-connect adapter kit and hoses. This device features 10 washing programs and five water-level settings.

It can hold up to 10 pounds of laundry at a time. 

Panda portable washing machine, $272 (regularly $298)

Black + Decker portable washer


Black + Decker via Amazon

This 4.4.-star-rated, top-loading portable washer can fit up to 11 pounds of laundry. It features six different wash functions, three water levels and a delayed-start option of up to 24 hours.

According to a verified Amazon reviewer, setup is easy: “Our unit hooks up easily to bathtub faucet, and has a pump with a drain hose that empties into the tub. I’m also really impressed with the capacity of this bad boy. We are averaging about eight articles of clothing per load, including heavy sweaters and jeans… certainly smaller than a full-size unit but adequate for our family of two. We’ve also had no problems washing heavier-duty items like floor mats, sheets and towels.”

Black + Decker portable washer, $453

Best-reviewed portable dryers

Shop the best-reviewed portable dryers on Amazon right now.

Vivohome electric compact portable dryer


Vivohome Store via Amazon

This compact portable dryer has 4.1 stars and 325 reviews. 

The home appliance features four drying modes, including fast-dry mode, delicate-dry mode, air-dry mode and timer-dry mode. It’s small enough to hang on a wall, but this dryer is also mighty. According to the brand, this Vivohome electric compact portable dryer can fit 15 T-shirts, three down jackets, a set of bed sheets and seven pairs of jeans… or 35 towels at once. 

Vivohome electric compact portable dryer, $400 (regularly $446)

Costway compact laundry dryer


Costway via Amazon

“This thing is awesome, works great,” wrote a verified Amazon customer who reviewed the Costway compact laundry dryer. “The control knobs are on the very bottom, so don’t put it on the floor unless you want to bend way over to use them or view them. Combined with the CostCo portable washer, I can now do laundry at home for cheap. No installation required, just plug it in. It comes with a wall-mount bracket and a vent kit, no hose.” 

This 4.4-star-rated portable dryer can hold up to 10 pounds of laundry. It weighs less than 40 pounds and can be mounted on a wall, placed on the ground or mounted on a rack. 

Costway compact laundry dryer, $310 (regularly $330)

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon has announced that it will hold its annual Amazon Prime Day sale in July 2022. While an exact date has not been announced, traditionally, Amazon holds its Prime Day event in mid-to-late July. If this scheduling holds true, it would suggest that Prime Day 2022 will be held sometime in mid-July 2022.

Be sure to check back here for the latest info on the Amazon Prime Day 2022 dates.

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