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RUMOR: Very strong evidence points to a Nintendo Direct on June 29th, 2022

While June is typically the month where E3 takes place, there’s no official E3 convention this year. That said, plenty of other game devs/pubs have been showcasing games via their own presentations, or offering up reveals to various gaming outlets.

There have been over 10 different gaming presentations this month so far, and a few more are slated for this week. Unfortunately, none of them are coming from Nintendo. The Big N has remained absolutely radio silent about any sort of Nintendo Direct happening this month, but today we have our best evidence yet that something is planned to happen before June wraps up.

Alanah Pearce, former game journalist (IGN, Rooster Teeth, Funhaus) and current game writer (Sony Santa Monica), hosted a live-stream today to share her thoughts on the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. After she was done talking about that event, she made quick mention of other events coming up. This is when Alanah noted that a Nintendo Direct is coming on June 29th, 2022.

This mention caught some people in her Twitch chat off guard, and they asked for clarification. Pearce went so far as to double-check her calendar to reconfirm the June 29th date. She also noted that she didn’t get this information from Nintendo themselves, but with Alanah’s many years spent in the game industry on both the press/dev sides, it’s easy to guess that an inside source shared it with her.

Just to be clear, Alanah doesn’t seem to present this information as speculation. She comes off extremely confident in this Nintendo Direct happening, and I’d say she’s quite a trustworthy source.

If you want to see/hear the discussion, you can find the snippet through this link at the 2:00:08, or simply watch it below.

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