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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Amiibo Ever Created

Tom Nook is great, but he’s always had two big problems: he’s too tall, and there’s only one of him. Enter Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook’s younger relatives of an indeterminate relationship. This amiibo, which features two tanuki siblings(?) for the price of one, might very well be the cutest thing any gamer could add to their desk. “Animal Crossing” is adorable by its very nature, but it doesn’t get more adorable than these twin shopkeepers.

In terms of function, Timmy and Tommy might seem a little less useful than other entrants on this list. They unique functions in just 14 games, which makes it far from the most utilitarian option for the aspiring amiibo collector. What’s important to remember, though, is that one of those functions is unlocking Timmy and Tommy costumes in “Super Mario Maker” for the Wii U. Who hasn’t played through a “Super Mario Bros.” game and thought “If only I were two raccoons instead of a mustachioed plumber?” 

Sadly, this functionality doesn’t carry over to “Super Mario Maker 2,” so Timmy and Tommy’s greatest strength is limited to the Wii U. Even so, the two cuties are still compatible with a healthy library of Nintendo Switch games.

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