Listing for “Nintendo Studios” production company spotted –

A new company, by the name of “Nintendo Studios,” has appeared in copyright listings for the upcoming animated Super Mario movie.

Twitter user MichaelO2k spotted the listings (via VGC), saying:

“There are copyright records for the Illumination Mario movie, which have the expected companies listed, but there’s also new companies: ‘Nintendo Studios, LLC’ and ‘M Brothers Productions, LLC’. Guessing these are the studios Nintendo will be listing their movies under.”

I like the sound of this M Brothers Productions. Most likely, that is a production company that Nintendo has set up specifically for the upcoming movie. But, when it comes to Nintendo Studios, that may well be a name that we will see more of. Especially since there were recent rumbling of a Donkey Kong film in the works.

It could be that Nintendo wants to move toward a Sony model—having movies and TV series made alongside its games. If so, we can all look forward to the Wario series, co-produced by HBO, starring Alfred Molina as Wario. The Kirby movie, with archive voice samples of Marlon Brando as Kirby. And Metroid, with Helen Mirren as Samus, who remains silent and encased in body armour for the entire film. Exciting times.

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