Nintendo continues crusade against YouTubers doing what Nintendon’t

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A top YouTube channel has had to remove hundreds of videos featuring music from Nintendo games, after the company came after them.

After killing video game YouTuber channel and music archive GilvaSunner in February, Nintendo has taken to culling even more with over 500 copyright strikes against YouTuber DeoxysPrime.

DeoxysPrime hosts hundreds of videos from various game soundtracks and companies like Sega, Namco, and Microsoft never seem to mind. However, all of his Nintendo related videos have had to be pulled from his 165,000 subscriber channel after the company took issue with it.

This isn’t new for Nintendo, who defends its properties tooth and nail, even going after fan games like AM2R, a popular Metroid 2 fan remake, and various Pokémon fan titles.

Nintendo closed down their only real attempt at providing public access to their music last month, with the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Sound Library being taken offline with almost no notice.

Whereas certain companies like Sega and Square Enix have begun publishing their music onto streaming platforms, Nintendo refuses to do so. Unless you want to listen to remixes and licensed covers, there’s no official way to listen to Nintendo’s music except buying soundtracks.

In a message to his subscribers, DeoxysPrime said:

‘Once again I’m sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, as I enjoy listening to Nintendo music on here just as much as you all do, but it just doesn’t make any sense to continue on like this.’

With no other choice but to delete the remaining soundtracks or risk losing his channel, the years long crusade against him came to an end. In 2019 DeoxysPrime had his attempts at providing the soundtracks for Bayonetta 2, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade blocked by the Kyoto based company.

Their constant culling of this type of content has begun to irk fans, especially with the removal of the Diamond and Pearl soundtracks.

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