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10 Best Horse Games Of All Time

Riding your horse in the vast and empty land all the way to busy towns is so dreamy. Especially when the rain pours down heavily on you and your horse feels melancholy yet magical.

You travel a great distance with your horse in a sense of wonder of what the world has to offer for the solo traveler. You and your horse have an unchained friendship that no NPC can understand.

It feels like you are not alone in this lonely world. Sometimes you catch yourself talking with the horse and admiring his weird and redundant scratches.

And moments like these are exactly why I am so in love with horse games. It’s not just the mission that makes this genre interesting but the experience you collect that makes you wonder in the real-life, “If I buy a horse, where would I keep it in my apartment?”

Best Horse Games

It’s not the destination but the journey that matters. And with your trusted horse companion, you can feel the sense of closeness as you ride along and discover secrets together.

I will let you experience those moments with the games below. You might like it more or less but all these games provide you with what you are looking for. 

Elden Ring

  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    JP: FromSoftware
  • Release Date: February 25, 2022
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows,
    PlayStation 4,
    PlayStation 5,
    Xbox One,
    Xbox Series X/S
  • Genre: Action role-playing

The only thing I desperately wanted in this game for the first 3 hours was a horse. I died so many times trying to escape the horse guy with a shield and long weapon. That was not a fair fight, while I was on foot and he was on a giant horse.

There were so many times when I wished to have a horse while giant enemies appeared from the skies or ground. If only I had a horse, I could defeat this giant monster or dash through the hordes of enemies. 

My desires were fulfilled when I met my maiden outside the Stormgate, and she gave me a ring that could summon my horse anytime. One thing I absolutely love about summoning a horse in an elding ring is how seamlessly it appears out of thin air, letting me instantly ride my horse. 

Passing through grim yet beautiful terrain on my horseback is less terrifying as I can now escape enemies’ attacks if it gets too much to handle. My best part is to fly high with the help of upward drift.

Jumping on it makes my horse fly high enough to reach the nearest cliff and view the enormous dark world of The Lands Between.

Red Dead Redemption 

  • Developer: Rockstar San Diego
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Release Date: May 18, 2010
  • Platform: PlayStation 3,
    Xbox 360
  • Genre: Action-adventure

It’s a wild west game so expect a lot of shooting while horse riding. Created by the developer who made the GTA franchise, RDR is truly massive, and the horse is your means of transportation. Lasso wild horses and tame them to ride the vast lands of the west. 

Find the best horse from the deserted grassland and chase your enemies on it. An action-packed game with a beautiful story set in the American lands of the west. 

With amazing casts of actors and well-written dialogues, it truly feels like you are living in the west. You can let horses carry your equipment and utilize your weapons on horseback. 

There are a lot of things you can do along with capturing and selling your horse that does not provide enough speed. What’s best is that you can even catch unicorns in Legendary level after killing the Chupacabra. 

And if you like Red Dead Redemption, you can play other games similar to it.

Red Dead Redemption II

Red-Dead-Redemption -2
  • Developer: Rockstar Studios
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Release Date: October 26, 2018
  • Platform:
    PlayStation 4,
    Xbox One,
    Microsoft Windows,
  • Genre: Action-adventure

The predecessor to the previous Red Dead Redemption, this game improves on every aspect of gameplay and graphics, including horses. Now you can customize your horse, breed them and care for them by keeping them healthy.

You don’t have to go on to the wild planes to catch horses because this time, you can purchase them from the stable. 

You can also revive your dead horse. Take care of your horse as their speed and performance are directly dependent upon the way you treat them. Never before have I played a game that is graphically stunning and visually breathtaking. Take pleasing photos of the scenery on horseback and save them in your memory.

Exploring the vast and beautiful land from day to night as you absorb the ambiance of nature which is both exciting and majestic. You will truly feel like a cowboy riding your horse into the distance. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Release Date: November 11, 2011
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows,
    PlayStation 3,
    Xbox 360,
    PlayStation 4,
    Xbox One,
    Nintendo Switch,
    PlayStation 5,
    Xbox Series X/S
  • Genre: Action role-playing

Get ready for crazy horse riding because you can achieve impossible feats while riding on your horse. And by impossible, I mean glitches that are activated when riding on a horse. There are a lot of glitches that can turn into an advantage if you can successfully execute them. 

Once you have a thousand gold coins in your pocket, you can buy a horse in a stable located around the places of Skyrim. 

In my experience, riding a horse is absolutely necessary, especially if you are traversing up the mountain heights. With your horse, you can climb almost any snowy vertical cliff, which is otherwise impossible on your own. Fight with a dragon on horseback and chase them if they fly away. 

Unfortunately, you cannot revive your horse, and if they die, you have to buy another from a stable. So be careful before doing something that might kill your horse. I usually restart my game from the last checkpoint if I accidentally kill my horse jumping from heights.

If you have already played this game and want to try other sequels, you can read this article.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

  • Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: October 5, 2018
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows,
    PlayStation 4,
    Xbox One,
    Nintendo Switch,
  • Genre: Action role-playing

Odyssey takes place after the battle between Greece and Persia. Relieve the history and almost exact replica of Athens on your horse as you explore the gorgeous landscape and vibrant architecture of Greece.

Your horse’s name is Phobos. It’s the name of the God in Greek mythology who is the personification of fear and panic. Likewise, your horse is also a fearless beast that can charge against enemies and stomp anyone who gets in its way.

You can make your horse even more powerful and deadly with legendary skins. Legendary skins combined with long-range weapons such as spears make you go almost invincible riding your horse and defeating enemies. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Developer: Nintendo EPD
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: March 3, 2017
  • Platform:
    Nintendo Switch,
    Wii U
  • Genre: Action-adventure

I feel blessed talking about horses in Breath of the Wild because it’s that amazing. If you are a fan of open-world sandbox games and you haven’t played this game, what are you waiting for? This is a sign for you to go and play this game. 

Capturing horses in the ruins of open grassland feels exciting as you stealth and anticipate their every move. There was this dark brown horse with a white diamond shape on his head.

I named him Bojack. My Bojack and I made memories of going on adventures. I also caught Aqua, but I loved Bojack so I left Aqua in a stable because you can catch five horses and retrieve them from any stable.  

I don’t want to ruin the fun by telling you every horse in this game, but what I can tell you is that there are three different horses in this game and one additional in Downloadable Content.   

My advice is to get ancient horse armor to summon your horse anytime and any place you like. Those memories flood back like nostalgia even though it was just two years ago.  

I was riding my Bojack on the edge of rocky highlands while the game played soothing music in the background. Admiring the vast, beautiful but deserted land, I was soaked into the world, and then, behold a gentle surprise when a dragon flew past above me, giving me a sense of joy.

I was pretty much blown away by this experience. A core memory indeed. There are so many places to see and so many things to experience, from stables to horse god pond. You need to play by yourself to experience this true masterpiece. 

Rival Stars Horse Racing

  • Developer: PikPok
  • Publisher: PikPok
  • Release Date: June 24, 2020
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Racing Video Game, Sports Video Game, Casual game,

It’s a horse racing game where you race your horse on various tracks. Racing is just the tip of the iceberg because there are so many things you can do from breeding and training to become the ultimate horse of speed and power. 

You can do anything with your horse as you would do in real life. Breed your horse for higher grades and train them to rise among others. Unlike other games where you ride on a horse to reach new goals, here, your horse is your goal. 

After the passing away of your grandfather, you take responsibility for your grandfather’s farm. Take hold of your family business and continue your legacy to become champion of all the horse racing tracks. 

It’s like a real-life horse racing scenario where you bet money on horses. If you love horses and are fascinated by their gracious movements, this game is for you. Besides racing which is absolutely thrilling, you will also learn to care of them, nurture their behavior and know them personally. 

There is also the feature called Quick Ride, which allows the player to ride on horseback and explore the open world of Rivan Star. It’s a perfect game for players who wanted a horse game but never got one.

Just like Breath of the Wild, Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful game with its vast open world. You can reach highlands and snowy mountains on your horse. It’s a calming experience riding your horse from open fields to mountain gorge. 

Shadow of the Colossus

  • Developer:
    Japan Studio,
    Team Ico
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: October 18, 2005
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Genre: Action-adventure, Puzzle

Chasing hugemongous bosses on horseback is enthralling, and that’s just the beginning because climbing on them and defeating each one of them by solving puzzles gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

I felt the adrenaline rush through my body as I had to dodge the colossus boss’ attack while maneuvering my horse left and right. It was the experience I was craving from Shadow of the Colossus, and it did not fail to provide me with such experience. 

You can, in fact, traverse terrains on your feet, but that’s no fun, and it takes a lot of time, traveling far. That is why the game provides you with a horse to reach your destination while appreciating the view.  

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

  • Developer: CD Projekt Red
  • Publisher: CD Projekt
  • Release Date: 19 May 2015
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows,
    PlayStation 4,
    Xbox One,
    Nintendo Switch,
    PlayStation 5,
    Xbox Series X/S
  • Genre: Action role-playing

You will be spending a lot of time riding your horse and exploring new places on the map. There are a lot of enemies, and in this game, if you encounter higher-level enemies early on, you have the advantage of fleeing on your horse. Roach is the name of your horse, and you will be calling him several times throughout the game.

Take part in horse racing events held throughout the map and earn legendary saddles as you progress along with the storyline. You can equip your horse with saddlebags to extend your inventory. Make sure to put blinders on your horse for less fear level. 

You can let Roach lead the way as he can follow the path on his own and let you get lost in the wondrous world of Witcher. 

Star Stable

  • Developer: Stable Entertainment AB
  • Publisher: Star Stable Entertainment AB
  • Release Date: June 2012
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS
  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online role playing game

So far, I have talked about exploring the open world and riding your horse through fields of enemies. This game is different. It’s an online game where you meet other players and go on adventures together. 

Take on different tasks, complete quests, take part in horse racing to rank higher on the leaderboard, and expand your social circle.

With its cute stylized art direction, you can customize your horse and get creative. Ride your horse around the towns with your friends while chatting endlessly about the beauty of place. There are also stories you unravel and mysteries to solve. 

Ultimately, you will feel more connected with horses and players as you make more friends on your way to adventurous rides. 

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