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10 Gentle Giants In Games

Video games have blessed us with a slew of unforgettable characters that exist to subvert expectations. But none serves to do just that, more than the concept of the gentle giant.

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Their large physique and hulking figures usually indicate that you’d have to start running as fast as you can. But these video game giants serve as allies and friends, with gentle, soft hearts that spread to everyone in their lives. Yet don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, as these gentle giants will rise to the occasion to defend those they care about.


10 Jackie Welles – Cyberpunk 2077

Despite the relatively brief showtime Jackie Welles had in Cyberpunk 2077, it was sufficient time to show us the good man he is. Trying to survive in the grimy and violent world that is Night City, Jackie has managed to maintain his easy smile and good spirits.

A charming and friendly giant, Jackie is both loyal and gentle to those whom he loved. From Misty to Mama Welles, Jackie Welles’ tall and buff physique did not match his generally happy demeanor. It is such a shame that we got to see so little of him.

9 Panda – Tekken

A cuddly giant with the ability to wreak havoc as well as inflict cuddles, Panda from the Tekken series has continued her continued appearances since Tekken 3. As one of the best animals in fighting games, Panda melds both adorable with deadly in equal measure.

Known as Ling XiaoYu’s trusty companion and pet, Panda is never far from her side. From her cute intros, adorable outfits, and soft fur, Panda is a lovable giant, possessing both intelligence and loyalty.

8 Trico – The Last Guardian

As one of the most iconic mythical creatures ever created in the history of video games, The Last Guardian‘s Trico certainly deserves to be on this list. With Trico’s large, round eyes and soft, fluffy ears, this oversized fluffball is both helpful and gentle with The Boy.

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Although Trico has his moments of unpredictability, Trico is an overall caring animal. The Last Guardian teaches us how to treat and care for our animals through thick and thin. After all, who doesn’t love a fluffy cuddle bug to accompany you along your journey?

7 Reefback Leviathan – Subnautica

Subnautica‘s Reefback Leviathan is quite similar to Horizon’s Tallneck in behavior. Both large and non-hostile, this particular Leviathan pays no mind to the goings-on of those around it.

One of the few passive Leviathans in the game’s extensive types of Leviathans, the Reefback has no qualms in just taking a relaxing swim. It certainly reminds you of a particular scene in Finding Nemo with a group of traveling sea turtles – slightly more toned down, of course.

6 Tallneck – Horizon

First making their appearance in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Tallneck has returned in the sequel Horizon: Forbidden West. Clearly a robotic facsimile of a giraffe, the Tallneck imitates its real-life counterparts as towering, gentle giants.

The Tallnecks’ purpose is similar to the viewpoints in Assassin’s Creed. Aloy scaled up their long, branch-like necks in order to obtain a map of the wider area. They are largely non-hostile and roam about the wild without bothering other humans. Aside from their gentle, graceful gait, the Tallneck undoubtedly minds their own business.

5 War Counselor Iji – Elden Ring

One of the few to serve Lunar Princess Ranni in Elden Ring, the lowly Tarnished is first introduced to Iji. First commended to this giant by Blaidd, the Tarnished initially sees Iji as a Smithing Master of unparalleled skill. Iji sits on the side of the road to Caria Manor, reading a book with an anvil before him.

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The lowly Tarnished can always rely on Iji to offer his wisdom and advice, even warning the Tarnished of the dangers of Caria Manor. In spite of his tragic end at the hands of a posse of Black Knife Assassins, Iji undoubtedly left his mark on the Tarnished as they continue their mission to become Elden Lord.

4 Norio – Ghost Of Tsushima

First encountered during The Last Warrior Monk quest, Norio has made a positive impression on all. Ghost of Tsushima‘s resident warrior monk wields his trusty naginata, willing to help Jin Sakai in his mission to repel the Mongol invasion.

Despite the many sufferings Norio had experienced, from losing his brother Enjo and his fellow monks, Norio’s compassion still remained strong. He epitomizes gentleness and kindness, with the strength to inflict violence on his foes in order to protect his loved ones and Tsushima Island. Jin is certainly lucky to have one such as Norio in his list of friends.

The moment Skyrim‘s hero, The Dragonborn, obtains the right to gain access to The Greybeards’ leader, the last thing you would expect is to find a dragon. One of the best teachers in video game history, Paarthurnax is both wise and gentle. His Way of the Voice is essential in setting The Dragonborn down a path to control their great power.

Originally the ruthless general for his oldest brother Alduin, Paarthurnax was brave enough to go against him and left to undergo a journey of self-discovery. Although there’s a questline where The Dragonborn has the choice to kill Paarthurnax to please the Blades, love for this gentle giant makes this quest a particularly unpopular one. Why kill an ancient creature that brings such peace to everyone he encounters?

2 Iron Bull – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Our favorite Qunari certainly lives up to his name, and he absolutely deserves it. Dragon Age Inquisition is known for its memorable companions, each with their own unique characteristics that meld together perfectly. But none stand out more than the Ben-Hassrath spy Iron Bull and his mercenary band called The Chargers.

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With his suave tongue and charming demeanor, it’s understandable why The Qun enrolled Iron Bull as a Ben-Hassrath. From his witty comebacks and funny stories, as well as his banter with Solas and other members, Iron Bull is a giant with a soft heart. He has a strong moral compass, but it is up to the Inquisitor to maintain the latter and his loyalty.

1 The World Serpent – God Of War

One of the most badass characters of 2018’s God of War, the great serpent Jormungandr, also known as The World Serpent, is a surprisingly gentle giant. You wouldn’t expect this to happen once he emerged from the waters, anticipating an amazing battle to ensue as Kratos readies his axe.

One of the last known giants alive in the game, Jormungandr holds a visceral hatred for Thor. He becomes a quick ally and friend to Kratos and Atreus, even teaching Atreus his language and courteously fetching Kratos’ axe. Jormungandr was essential in the final fight against Baldur, swooping in at Atreus’ call.

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