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10 Greatest Villains From SNES RPGs, Ranked

The Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System is dwelling to over 1,750 video games, and some dozen of them are thought of true Function-Enjoying Video games. The SNES period comprises most of the finest top-down pixel RPGs available on the market. The writing and element in every sport is a serious enchancment over what was seen on earlier consoles.

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This listing goals to rejoice the very best villains that originated from the basic SNES period. Villains from NES or different older console sport that received ported to SNES won’t depend for this listing.

Beware! This listing comprises some spoilers for numerous sequence!


10/10 Porky Minch AKA Pokey (Mom 2 / Earthbound)

Mother 2 Earthbound screenshot of Pokey Porky Minch in his mech machine final boss.zombie

Pokey is a reoccurring villain within the Mom/Earthbound sequence. His most well-known look is within the second entry. Initially, he looks as if only a neighborhood prankster, however because the story progresses, it’s revealed he’s serving to Giygas attempt to take over the world.

Though he solely seems just a few instances within the story, Minch’s character and deranged acts make him onerous to overlook. Most notably, he tried to sacrifice Paula to a terrorist cult. Nonetheless, he does play a smaller position in his sport’s general story in comparison with most different villains on this listing.

9/10 Exdeath (Last Fantasy 5)

Final Fantasy V 5 villain Exdeath

Inside an historical tree, many evil spirits mixed to create Exdeath. The world of Last Fantasy 5 was break up into two way back. Exdeath seeks to unite his world and the world of the protagonist collectively, so he can acquire entry to a supreme energy known as the Void.

Exdeath is a good indicator of the development RPGs made at writing villain backstories. Whereas his motivation continues to be a bit primary, the lore behind his creation and objective are a big step up from many villains that got here earlier than him.

8/10 Lunarian Zemus (Last Fantasy 4)

Final Fantasy IV 4 Zemus

Zemus is an alien from Earth’s second moon who believes Lunarians are superior to Earthlings. Most Lunarians are peaceable and need to sleep till the day humankind evolves to their very own degree, that means each races can dwell as equals in concord.

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Zemus, nonetheless, plans to wake them up and use his mind-control powers to have them eradicate humankind. He has proven the style’s capability to jot down higher narratives than what was seen on older consoles, even earlier than Exdeath was created.

7/10 Kain Highwind (Last Fantasy 4)

Final Fantasy IV 4 remake Kain Highwind cutscene cinematic

Early on Kain is the predominant rival of the protagonist Cecil. They share the same occupation and love curiosity. Whereas Cecil tries to redeem himself for the crimes the Dragoons have dedicated firstly of the sport, Kain will get roped deeper into the aspect of evil by Golbez.

He actively helps lead humanity nearer to its destruction, even going so far as to make use of his personal love curiosity as a hostage. His motivation to beat his rival is extra fascinating than Zemus and most older villains from the Last Fantasy sequence.

6/10 Magus (Chrono Set off)

Chrono Trigger screenshot of Magus in the Middle Ages

Magus was as soon as a citizen named Zanus in a extremely superior kingdom prior to now. He was despatched by means of a time wormhole to the Center Ages. There he cursed a knight into changing into a frog and fights Chrono’s celebration. Relying on the participant’s selections, Magus could possibly be seen as both a real villain or an anti-hero.

It’s potential to both kill him or recruit him into the celebration within the later half of Chrono Set off. He’ll reveal that his true motivation is just to defeat Lavos, the sport’s ultimate boss. Since he is extra neutrally aligned, it is unfitting to rank him very excessive. Particulars in his storyline are, nonetheless, extra fascinating than Kain and lots of different villains from this period.

5/10 Earth Dragon Loptous (Fireplace Emblem Family tree Of The Holy Warfare)

Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Holy Way Loptous cutscene

Loptous is an historical dragon who was sealed inside a tome way back. After taking management of a human named Gair, he created a faith that worships himself. He dominated over a whole continent for a lot of generations, and through that point requested for uncountable blood sacrifices.

His crimes are far more maniacal than the earlier villains on this listing. Through the period that the primary storyline takes place, he possesses Julius, the step-brother of the sport’s second protagonist. This makes combating him really feel very private.

4/10 Bishop Ladja (Dragon Quest 5)

Dragon Quest V 5 Your Story movie Bishop Ladja

This darkish wizard will not be the primary mastermind villain in Dragon Quest 5, however he’s essentially the most outstanding villain seen all through the story. He kills the protagonist’s father proper in entrance of his eyes, makes the very younger hero right into a slave for almost a decade, and turns each him and his spouse into stone statues for a lot of extra years, leading to them not having the ability to increase their very own kids.

Combating Ladja feels such as you’re combating somebody who ruined the protagonist’s complete life. Defeating him looks like a good larger private victory for the protagonist than it does defeating Loptous/Julius.

3/10 Emperor Arves (Fireplace Emblem Family tree Of The Holy Warfare)

Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Holy War Heroes Arvis summon

Arves is the chief of one among Jugral’s many nations. He creates an elaborate plan to take over the complete continent, and in contrast to many villains, truly fully succeeds at his objective. By the tip of the primary half of the sport; Arves is the chief of the complete continent, killed off a majority of the sport’s playable characters, and has virtually nothing standing in his means.

He is likely one of the only villains from the SNES period. If it wasn’t for his son Julius main the nation so poorly, the nation seemingly would’ve been a world superpower for a really very long time to return.

2/10 Kefka Palazzo (Last Fantasy 6)

Final Fantasy VI 6 Dissidia Kefka

One other extraordinarily efficient villain is the mad jester Kefka. By the tip of Last Fantasy 6, he manages to destroy a big portion of humankind. If not for the celebration in the course of the ultimate battle, Kefka absolutely would have succeeded in ending off what little remained.

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He does not have redeemable qualities much like Kain and Magus, but does not really feel primary like many simply being evil for the sake of it villains are. His character and maniacal snort make him very memorable, much more so than others like Pokey. The best way Kefka represents madness and nihilism is executed extraordinarily nicely.

1/10 Oersted AKA Odio (Dwell A Dwell)

Live A Live remake artwork of Oersted Odio chapter 8

Oersted is the protagonist of the sport’s secret medieval period chapter. He tries saving his kingdom from a darkish wizard however is deceived by his finest buddy into killing their very own beloved king. By the tip of the chapter, he falls into despair and seeks to destroy the complete time-space continuum. It’s then revealed that each earlier chapter’s ultimate boss is an incarnation of him. This features a prehistoric T-Rex, an Edo Japan samurai, a building-sized cult standing, a rogue futuristic supercomputer, and lots of extra.

The ultimate chapter has two variations. Though the nice ending sees each different protagonist within the sport overcome his schemes, the dangerous ending the place you play as all the primary bosses all through the sport has Oersted destroy all the things you beforehand fought so onerous to guard. He encompasses all the things that’s fascinating in a villain; a tragic backstory, huge relevance to each plotline, deep symbolism, and damaging shows of energy.

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