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All The Things Video Games Have Been Blamed For

Brain Function


TED Foundation

Science has vindicated us.

The brain’s plasticity is getting a lot of buzz. And that’s great news for gamers. While out of touch nanas, pop-pops, and grammys may look at a screen full of numbers and frenetic swordplay and see nothing but mind numbing nonsense, they’re actually seeing the exact opposite. Research done at the University of Geneva shows that playing action shooter games actually improves some functions in our gray matter. Dr. Bavelier, who did a whole TED Talk on the subject, has shown that gaming can improve eyesight, even producing safer drivers on the road. Most fascinating of all, gaming helps us be better at something that eludes most people all their lives: multitasking. Studies also show that gaming can significantly improve puzzle solving. Which any Myst player worth their salt already knows.

Games get a bad rap from a lot of frenzied media. But gaming is actually good for you. Of course, everything in moderation. Don’t forget to shower and give your wife a smooch every once in a while. 

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