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GoldenEye homage Agent 64 has left me shaken and stirred

First things first: There’s no multiplayer. Sometimes you can’t have everything, but what you can have is a shot on the newly released demo of Agent 64 (opens in new tab), a lovingly crafted homage to the Nintendo 64’s classic GoldenEye—which is very long-in-the-tooth now, but probably remains the best James Bond game ever made.

The game is out in early access later this year, was shown during the PC Gaming Show, and developer Replicant D6 intends to release with three story missions, and add more missions episodically until its launch proper. The missions are structured like GoldenEye, with multiple difficulty modes that mix-up and add objectives, and that goes for more-or-less everything about Agent 64.

If you think these screens look a bit fuzzy, for example, that’s because the game applies a visual filter that makes the display vaguely reminiscent of a CRT. The aesthetic follows the blocky layouts of the N64 original, and incorporates elements that are instantly familiar: I had to smile when, halfway through the demo level, I had to drop into a toilet cubicle.

Agent 64 shooting some enemies.

(Image credit: Replicant D6)

GoldenEye was built for an N64 controller, and elements of its gunplay echo through into a Agent 64’s M&K configuration, such as holding the right mouse button to ‘fine-tune’ your aim. Certain elements of combat have been tightened-up, so you can fire faster for example and hip-firing is perhaps more effective than it should be, which gives this a breezy and pacy feel that suits this kind of tribute project.

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