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How to Play Local and Online Multiplayer

Nintendo has always been a king of making great party games for families and friends to play on the couch. But in more recent years, there has been some effort put in to make online multiplayer more prevalent in many of their different experiences.

One of the newest examples of this is Nintendo Switch Sports, a reboot of the original Wii Sports from many years before. The game has both local and online multiplayer for players to take part in, making for a fun game night for friends locally and abroad. Those looking to play locally or play online have different menus to look for when booting up the game.


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How To Play Locally

When booting up Nintendo Switch Sports, players will be brought to a menu that gives players three options: Play Globally, Play Locally, and Play with Friends. For those who want to play with others in their own home, the best option to select here is Play Locally.

After selecting local play, players will be brought to the sports selection menu where they will be given the option to play any of the six sports in the game. If there are 1-2 players, all sports will be available to play. However, a 3-4 player game is only available with Bowling, Tennis, and Volleyball. In local mode, players are unable to play soccer on the large field, opting instead for the smaller indoor facility.

How To Play Online

Play With Strangers

For those looking to play online, there are two options to choose from. Those who want to play random people online should go to “Play Globally” on the main menu. This is either a single player experience or a local co-op experience depending on if there are one or two players in the room to play globally.

In single player, players will have the full six sports available to them to jump into, with various modes for each sport. With two players, the same options will be available if each player has their own Joy-Con controller. However, soccer and twin-sword mode in Chambara would be unavailable if the two players are playing with two Joy-Cons each.

Play With Friends

For those who just want to play with people they know online, “Play with Friends” is a nice online option. This too asks if players are playing alone or with another person locally, with the same options between playing with one or two Joy-Cons. Like local play, having three players will give everyone access to all sports.

Once past these menus and selecting their character, players can either join an existing room or make a new room. Rooms can have custom passwords that the person in charge of the room can set up. There is also the option for voice chat using the Nintendo Switch Online app. Up to eight friends can join a room.

Nintendo Switch Sports is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

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