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Video Games Are Officially Recognized As Art Now

We did it gang. We made it to the big time. Since the very first video game Tennis for Two was released in 1958, gamers world wide have struggled for recognition as legitimate hobbyists and game developers have scrounged for the respect they deserve. Now, a new day has dawned and nerds have inherited the Earth. The prominent arts organization Tribeca Film Festival has, in its recent history, shown a selection of video games, marking a significant cultural milestone. video games are officially art now.

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by none other than the King of Movies: Robert DeNiro and a few of his artsy pals. Since its inception, originally intended to celebrate New York City as an epicenter of cinema and stimulate film production in the wake of September 11th, the festival has grown to become an international sensation. And it celebrates only the finest Art with a capital ‘A’. 

Studio MDHR

This is art.

They now have an entire section of the festival devoted to games. It’s been running for a few years, and every turn of the seasons garners those games more respect. Rightfully so. We know this is a Spicy Take, but video games are better than movies. Why would you watch the story when you could be in the story? Isn’t the point of art to wrap the viewer in its emotional tapestry? What if that art could also make you feel like you were very good at jumping?


This? Oh it’s art.

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