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Bethesda Reveals Nearly 15 Minutes of Starfield Gameplay

Xbox delayed Starfield into 2023, but that doesn’t mean it was going to also delay its plans to show more of it during the summer. Bethesda and Xbox held a grand reveal for the sci-fi role-playing game during the show, giving users a look at the Xbox Series X|S and PC game they need to wait just a bit longer to play.

Starfield ended the show and also had the longest showcase by a wide margin. The 15 minutes Bethesda released had plenty of information that ranged from system details, raw gameplay, and explanations from Game Director Todd Howard.

It kicks off on the Kreet moon, with the main character switching between first and third-person gameplay before reaching a facility. This led into its combat that looked like a typical first-person shooter with fairly grounded weaponry. However, it seems players will have access to a boost pack that yields more upward mobility.

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The video transferred to New Atlantis, a hub-like area filled with NPCs that also showed off Bethesda’s improved facial animations. These cities will undoubtedly hold many stories, but Howard said that stories will come from the player, too, before transitioning into the character creation suite. Howard stated it is Bethesda’s “most flexible” one yet. Players can change almost anything about their character and can choose three starting skills and as well as some traits that have disadvantages and advantages. There are also earnable skills that can then be leveled up by completing challenges.

There is also a fair bit of building. Players can not only craft weapon mods, but they can also make bases and spaceships, all of which have a ton of options. The spaceships can also be flown, so the upgrades players use will matter during gameplay.

It’s possible to land ships at the big bases like New Atlantis, but users can also land anywhere else on that planet. This applies to every planet and there will be over a thousand planets according to Howard. Not every planet will have life, though.

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