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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PC, Xbox & Switch

The new hot leaker on the scene has just revealed that Final Fantasy 7 will be coming to basically all other systems.

Final fantasy 7 remake xbox pc nintendo switch
Final Fantasy 7 is coming to a system near you soon. | © SquareEnix

So… there’s this new leaker on the scene that goes by the name of Snitch and @insider_wtf. Clever. Rumor has it that he is a YT employee, because he knows some things that no one should, and it seems he simply gets to see videos before anyone else… but, that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that he’s been on point thus far, so when he tweets this, we care:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PC, Xbox, Switch

You know what I hate? Self-indulgent leakers that have to get all cryptic with their stuff. Just drop the details, don’t make us guess. But, hey… I know these games get an engagement, because here I am: Engaging. Red, Green, Black… all next to blue? Knowing that the Final Fantasy 7 Remaster is already out on the PS5, I can only assume this to mean that the Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch are next for Cloud and the gang – and this where this one becomes confusing: The Switch handling FF7 Remaster? I doubt it. Unless it’s a cloud version of course. Heh. FF7… Cloud version… get it?

Obviously this means that rumors of Final Fantasy becoming Sony-exclusive were grossly exaggerated (I spread those rumors). Knowing how Snitch operates, and sticking by the YT employee theory, this means that he can only know about this, because the video announcement was internally revealed, meaning this news shoud be official soon enough.

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