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Leaks indicate a new Fire Emblem main series game could be coming soon

Screengrabs of a potential new game in the main Fire Emblem series have leaked online in recent days—and they match up with information published by insiders.

Emily Rogers, a Nintendo insider with a good track record, recently shared a lot of information about a new game in the Fire Emblem series in a post on FamiBoards. The new game wouldn’t be a remake, according to Rogers. It would reportedly tell an entirely new story. Made in collaboration with Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Gust, who is best known for his work with the Atelier series, currently available on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam, the new reported game could feature a visual improvement over Fire Emblem Three Houses. The game was originally planned as part of the franchise’s 30th-anniversary celebration but was delayed, according to Rogers. And the protagonist will reportedly have blue and red hair and be the son of a dragon. A new mechanic called Emblems could even allow players to bring characters from old Fire Emblem games into their squads.

A Reddit user named miasmadelta posted potential screengrabs and more details about the reported new game. The shared images corroborate the information previously provided by Rogers. It is possible to see a protagonist with long blue and red hair, as well as other new characters to indicate that the game is not a remake.

The screengrabs have Chinese dialog and menus, which could indicate that the leaks came from a localization team. Localization is the process of adapting a game so that players in different locations all feel as though the game was made for their particular region. That process generally involves third parties. Miasmadelta also commented that the images could be old and the game might be ready to be announced soon.

Current fan speculation seems to suggest that official information could be revealed anytime soon and that a possible release date could be confirmed for later this year, given that Nintendo is yet to hold its usual Nintendo Direct close to E3. This wouldn’t be the first time a game in the Fire Emblem franchise has been launched following a spinoff release in the same year. The same thing happened with the releases of Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Echoes, both in 2017.

The latest leaked details and images add credibility to each other, but there has been no official information about the next game announced at this time.

In the meantime, Fire Emblem fans can look forward to the release of the upcoming Musou-style spinoff Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on June 24 for the Switch.

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