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Xbox unveils huge slate of games coming in the next year, including Starfield, High on Life

Starting as a space miner, players will join Constellation, a group of space explorers seeing rare artefacts through the galaxy.

The role-playing game will allow thousands of planets to be explored with an “unparalleled freedom”, the company said.

Xbox’s latest announcement is likely to help increase its lead in the market.

Sony has been attempting to catch-up, with its new subscription services PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe set to launch in New Zealand on June 23.

However, Kiwis won’t get access to streaming games in the near future, leaving PlayStation fans well behind Xbox’s legion of loyal subscribers.

PlayStation also said high-profile games wouldn’t be made available on their day of launch to Plus subscribers. With Xbox doing the opposite, it seems likely that Microsoft’s lead in the market will continue.

Daniel Ahmad, a video game analyst, said the Xbox showcase was a “strong showing”.

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