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Demonschool is a game where 3D demons invade the 2D human world

Announced at today’s blockbuster PC Gaming Show, Demonschool is a tactics RPG that combines several familiar elements into something that looks completely new. The hook is that movement equals action, which is a new one on me when it comes to isometric turn-based combat—you select a character, choose a direction, and they’ll interact with whatever’s on that path, attacking enemies and buffing friendlies.

But a clever new combat system is just one of the elements Demonschool is bringing to the table. You begin the game as Faye, a new student at a ‘university’ for malcontents, and also heir to a famous lineage of demon hunters. You’ll soon have four characters in your party, each with their own class and movement techniques, and the combat system is streamlined and focused on combo-ing your characters’ moves to destroy foes more efficiently.

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