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New leak reveals next Fire Emblem game

Just several hours after a leaker posted new details about the next mainline Fire Emblem game online, another leak has sprung. This time around, we have screenshots of the game running on a Nintendo Switch and corroborate the previous leak. 

Emily Rogers, a Nintendo insider with a decent track record, shared an update on the next Fire Emblem game earlier this week, claiming the game is essentially finished and ready for announcement. They also claimed the main character in the game would be related to a dragon and have red and blue coloured hair. A summoning system was also mentioned, which would allow players to call on heroes from previous Fire Emblem games to aid them in battle.

Much of Rogers’ leak has now been confirmed. Over on the Fire Emblem subreddit, a user posted four screenshots of the alleged new Fire Emblem game running, and one of the screenshots shows our red and blue-haired main character front and centre.

All of these leaks have come ahead of a rumoured Nintendo Direct scheduled for later this month. Presumably, this new Fire Emblem will be one of Nintendo’s major holiday games for the year, as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is scheduled for July, and Splatoon 3 is coming out ahead of the holiday season in September.

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KitGuru Says: Nintendo has been known to delay projects or announcements due to leaks. I hope that doesn’t end up being the case here, as we’ve gone so long already without a new mainline Fire Emblem game. 

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