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Round Up: The Reviews Are In For Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

This week marks the release of Nintendo Switch Sports – a follow-up to the popular Wii Sports game released in 2006.

The latest entry brings together six sports on release and will allow players to enjoy them both locally and online. If you’ve already been on Nintendo Life today, you’ve probably already seen our review-in-progress as online functionality is not yet live.

That hasn’t stopped other outlets though from slapping a number on their review, so with this in mind, here’s a round up of some of the reviews so far. Keep in mind, that one of these reviews is still in progress as well.

Starting off with IGN, it gave the game 7/10 stars – noting how it recaptured the fun of Wii Sports, but ultimately lacked depth:

“Nintendo Switch Sports, like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort before it, is best played as a party game, broken out for any gathering that needs a quick injection of goofy, active fun. While its sparse mixture of old and new sports varies in quality, Switch Sports largely sticks the landing on what made its predecessors memorable: intuitive motion controls, the ability to effortlessly get a group of people up and moving, and some killer menu music that’s liable to get stuck in your head all day. Just don’t expect to spend a whole lot of time with it before the novelty wears off.”

NME awarded Switch Sports four out of five stars – stating how the value of the game was hard to argue with:

Nintendo Switch Sports brings a beloved series onto modern platforms with aplomb. Though some minigames are slightly weaker than others, some impressive standouts – namely Chambara and Football – deliver an exceptionally good time. Better yet, Nintendo Switch Sports‘ £31 price tag is cheaper than most Nintendo games, and that sort of value’s hard to argue with.”

Dexerto was just as taken with it, giving it 8.5 out of 10:

“Nintendo Switch Sports does the impossible — it builds on Wii Sports in clever ways, creating a new version for a new generation while also breathing life into dormant rivalries over a decade on. It’s a great showpiece for the Switch, and is easily one of the platform’s finest games — if you have friends to play it with.”

Wccftech wasn’t quite as impressed awarding the game 6.5 out of 10:

“Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun and nostalgic romp that offers nicely-upgraded visuals and well-implemented motion controls, but there simply isn’t enough of it. With a meagre six sports (only two of which bring anything truly new to the table) and very few extras, this one probably won’t compete for your attention for long.”

And GameSpot’s review is still-in-progress, but it’s currently down as 7 out of 10:

“Playing by myself for an extended period of time was boring and monotonous, and the absence of certain single-player modes is a major oversight. But Nintendo Switch Sports is a fantastic multiplayer game that, for the most part, invites anyone and everyone to pick up a controller and flail their limbs about. It has its issues, but they fall away when you have other people to play with and are joyously going toe-to-toe in virtual sports. As with the original Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports finds beauty and fun in simplicity. And bowling is great. Better than real-life bowling.”

So, will you be picking up Nintendo Switch Sports this week? Leave a comment down below.

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