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The Binding Of Isaac Prequel The Legend Of Bum-Bo Is Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X/S, And Nintendo Switch

The Binding of Isaac prequel The Legend of Bum-bo is finally making its way to PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch later this month on June 29.

It first launched back in 2019 and, similar to Isaac, it’s a roguelike. But it’s a deck-building card game rather than a Zelda-like dungeon crawler. You can pick it up for $19.99 when it arrives on consoles.

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It features “over 125 unique items that can be modified and upgraded,” 80 unique trinkets, seven playable Bum-bos, 13 bosses, 40 enemies, and more. You’ll notice plenty of similarities to Isaac, particularly the more cartoonish original, in its art style, with enemies from both iterations of the game reappearing. There are red flies, yellow poop, and more, with you in the middle of it all, wading through the trash just to survive.


It comes from James Interactive and Edmund McMillen, the latter of whom also worked on Super Meat Boy. You not only have cards to play but Bejewelled-like puzzles where you mix and match bones, faeces, snot, hearts, and yellow droplets. Don’t read into that. Let’s all pretend those are just lemonade tears.

It launched nearly three years ago on PC and in that time it’s accumulated a Very Positive review score with 81 percent of players recommending it. Critics meanwhile scored it an average of 71 on Metacritic, giving it a respectable positive rating. If you need another roguelike McMillan creation to tie you over, it should scratch that itch, but if not, there’s always the latest Binding of Isaac DLC.

More recently, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was updated with the Repentance DLC in March 2021. It’s about as big as Rebirth itself, doubling the amount of content, so there’s plenty to dig your teeth into if you fancy another crack at the Devil. Or maybe you fancy obliterating Mother with a couple of lasers. Whatever you choose, its prequel will finally be available on consoles soon enough.

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