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The 10 Worst Nintendo Character Catchphrases, Ranked

It’s never been a more exciting and surprising time to be a gamer. The major players in the industry continue to push technology forward in groundbreaking ways and Nintendo has always been a crucial voice when it comes to gaming. One area where Nintendo has seen particularly high success is with their first-party properties and the many mascots they’ve introduced.

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There are dozens of beloved Nintendo characters who have their own signature series as well as joint multiplayer adventures. Nintendo is responsible for iconic video game characters, but these mascots don’t always deliver winning dialogue. In fact, some Nintendo characters have catchphrases that are downright dreadful.

10 “Show Me Your Moves” Is A Mantra That’s Gone On To Define Captain Falcon

Nintendo’s crossover fighting franchise, Super Smash Bros., has blossomed into one of their most popular properties. What started as a love letter to Nintendo’s history has gradually evolved into a passionate tribute to the video game industry as a whole. One of the most exciting elements of the Super Smash Bros. games is getting to experience non-fighting genre characters in a combative context.

Captain Falcon comes from Nintendo’s futuristic and fast-paced F-Zero racing franchise, but he lets his vehicle do the talking for him there. Falcon’s most iconic catchphrase, “Show me your moves,” is simultaneously catchy and cringe-inducing. It’s an awkward phrase, but one that effectively punctuates any humiliation in battle.

9 “I’m-A Wario, I’m-A Gonna Win!” Is Little Too Reductive

Wario has experienced a fascinating trajectory across the Super Mario franchise, being introduced as an evil doppelganger to Mario, but gradually becoming an ally and the star of his own series over time. Wario often comes across as somewhat less civilized than Mario, and most of his taunts and dialogue are cruder in nature. “I’m-a Wario, I’m-a gonna win!” is incredibly direct and completely lacking in depth, yet it strangely encapsulates Wario’s odd essence. This isn’t a prolific catchphrase by any metric, but it’s been claimed by the fandom in a celebratory manner.

8 “I Hate This Game!” Accentuates Waluigi’s Bitter Nature

Wario has been an important part of Nintendo’s legacy since the ’90s; on the other hand, Waluigi is a more recent creation who strangely makes his debut in the Nintendo 64’s Mario Tennis. Waluigi is frequently depicted as an agent of chaos who works closely by Wario’s side. He’s yet to receive his own video game, but he’s a common addition in Mario’s long line of sports spin-offs and multiplayer efforts.

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Most of Waluigi’s dialogue is short and offensive, but in Mario Party 6 he begins to tout the self-aware phrase, “I hate this game.” This downer dialogue feels appropriate coming from Waluigi, but it still doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is relatively lazy.

7 “It’s-A Me, Mario!” Is A Simple Phrase That Leans Into Stereotypes

Nintendo has established several monumental gaming franchises and mascots, but few are able to hold their own against platforming legend, Mario. Mario’s dialogue has remained brief and Nintendo understands that the character works best through brief catchphrases rather than flowing exposition. “It’s-a me, Mario!” accompanies the character in most of his appearances. This line is undeniably iconic and will definitely be in the upcoming Super Mario movie. However, just because this catchphrase is famous doesn’t mean it’s good. “It’s-a me, Mario!” is practically a parody of what a character like Mario might say, yet it has stuck and become a staple.

6 “Luigi Time!” Is A Redundant Way For The Character To Introduce Himself

Luigi is a Nintendo character who frequently had to live in his brother’s shadow, but this helped empower the figure in its own way. There was the “Year of Luigi” back in 2013, and he even became the hero of his own Luigi’s Mansion series.

Much of Luigi’s dialogue and personality leans into his overlooked nature, but “Luigi Time!” represents the character at his most optimistic. It’s appreciated to hear this mantra when the character is selected, as opposed to some disaffected sigh, but it still represents the bare minimum in a catchphrase.

5 Peppy Hare’s “Do A Barrel Roll!” Advice Overstays Its Welcome In Star Fox 64

It’s not unusual for embarrassing pieces of dialogue to become reappropriated by fans through meme culture or other ironic exercises. Accordingly, there’s an increasingly blurred line between what’s good and bad. The Star Fox series is full of such gems.

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One of the most recognizable lines to come out of Star Fox 64 comes from Peppy Hare, who encourages the player to “Do a barrel roll!” Peppy is so exuberant about this advice that it becomes a grating phrase that’s more annoying than helpful.

4 Pit’s “I’m Finished” In Kid Icarus Only Makes His Defeats Sting More

The Kid Icarus franchise got its start on the original Nintendo and its characters have gained new relevance through their inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. crossover fighting series. Like many NES games, Kid Icarus had a punishing difficulty level and constant deaths were par for the course.

Pit’s death is marked by him announcing “I’m finished,” which is incredibly annoying on repeat. “I’m finished,” is bland and depressing, but the franchise goes on to mock Pit’s catchphrase in the Nintendo 3DS’ Kid Icarus: Uprising. The characters chide Pit for how often he repeats this declaration and point out its annoying nature.

3 “Yee-haw! Hi, I’m Daisy!” Feels Out Of Character For Daisy

Nintendo gave Mario several Princesses to aid and rescue over the years between Peach, Rosalina, and Pauline. Daisy disappeared for many years only to return with a vengeance as a valued supporting player across the many Super Mario spin-offs. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was the Gamecube’s contribution to the heightened racing franchise, but it also introduced Daisy’s oddest catchphrase.

A first place victory results in Daisy declaring, “Yee-haw! Hi, I’m Daisy!” This feels wildly out of character for the dainty Daisy. It’s both bland and awkward, which weakens her character in the process. This dialogue sounds like it should belong to Toadsworth or Funky Kong.

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most important properties, and it’s remarkable how the style and scope of these games has evolved. The Nintendo 64’s Ocarina of Time is often viewed as a turning point for the franchise and one of the strongest titles on the 1990s console. It’s normal for Link to be accompanied by some partner with helpful intentions, but these individuals are usually more annoying than they are useful.

This principle is at its apex with Navi from Ocarina of Time. The fairy has good intentions, but “Hey!…Listen!” is hardly Shakespeare. It’s a catchphrase that actively frustrates the player whenever it’s announced. A catchphrase should create excitement for the character, not vitriol.

1 Baby Mario’s Signature Wail Puts Its Audience In Pain

Baby versions of classic Nintendo characters have become a strange trend for the Super Mario series, but it was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo that kicked off this tradition with Baby Mario. Admittedly, these infant characters have picked up extremely limited vocabulary over time, but by and large, their approach is to bawl their eyes out. Baby Mario is known for his cry baby routine, which hits a decibel designed to create discomfort. This catchphrase from Baby Mario is meant to signify that the player has made a mistake and is supposed to create anxiety whenever it’s heard.

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