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Is Genshin Impact coming to Nintendo Switch? Official response and more details

Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch port has been teased since before the game even launched, and fans are still waiting for it. This port would be a perfect way to play the title, allowing players to bring it with them on the go while offering the power of a console at home.

Many gamers were excited to play on the Nintendo console, but there have been very few official announcements about development.

Genshin Impact coming to Switch in near future

Open-world ARPG game Genshin Impact will come to Nintendo Switch in the future.So far, Genshin Impact is expected to be available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.Click to check out the latest trailer >>> #Liyue

Genshin Impact is a massively popular and successful game, taking the world by storm on PC, mobile, and console. However, one system that it was expected to launch on never seemed to take off.

The Nintendo Switch was one of the original systems that this title was teased about being a part of, yet it has been almost two years without a big official announcement. Many users are losing hope for the popular gacha offering’s release on the famous Nintendo console.

Here is the Nintendo Switch trailer for Genshin Impact.

The Switch would be an ideal way to play this action role-playing game, as it provides the portability of mobiles combined with the power of a console. The built-in controllers would also provide convenience to players typically stuck to a touch screen while playing.

These reasons are part of why a Switch port of the game was so heavily anticipated and why it is so surprising that it has yet to release there.

Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch soon(TM)Don’t lose faith

Luckily, it appears that hope is not lost yet, as Xin Yang, a global PR specialist from miHoYo itself, has stated in an interview that the Switch version of Genshin Impact is in development.

This announcement came only a month ago, meaning players may be hearing more about this port of the title in the coming months. They have stated that more information will be released as the port progresses, though nothing has been said yet.

It’s uncertain why the game has taken so long to hit the Nintendo Switch, though it may be a combination of system power and size. The first issue could be solved through graphic changes, though the title sometimes struggles to run on even some high-end phones.

The size is also a big issue, as Genshin Impact continues to grow in file size with each update, and it may be hard to fit it on the console’s relatively more minor storage space.

@GenshinImpact It brought me the usual question. Where is Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch?

Regardless of these issues, many fans are still hopeful for the title’s Switch port to finally release sometime in the future. With the confirmation from an official spokesperson for the company providing proof that it is still in development, it appears they won’t have to give up hope just yet.

The release window for the game hitting the Nintendo Switch is still unknown, but with the massive 3.0 update on the horizon, gamers may be seeing it sooner than later.

Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch port has been a long time coming, and users will be relieved to hear this official statement of development.

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