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7 Greatest Prison Escapes In Gaming History

Sometimes in video games, the protagonist finds themselves locked in a cell. Occasionally, they intentionally put themselves in that situation, and other times, a corrupt individual puts them there. Regardless of how they end up in captivity, they don’t usually stay for long. In most cases, they conduct a daring prison break.

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These moments are almost always fun, as they’re filled with tension and excitement. There are also plenty of ways for developers to design a sequence like this. For instance, will the protagonist shoot or sneak their way out? Can they recover their equipment, or do they have to escape using only things they can find? Are they alone or in a team? As such, there have been a lot of different ones over the years, and these are the best.


7 Nate And Sam Escape Panamanian Prison – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As Nathan Drake’s adventures always involve him stealing things and killing people, it’s no surprise he regularly ends up in a cell. His most interesting escape from captivity comes early in Uncharted 4.

After their ally stabs the corrupt warden they were working with, Nate and his brother make a daring escape from the Panamanian prison. It isn’t the longest or most involved prison break in gaming. Yet, it’s unique as you don’t sneak around or shoot people. Instead, you simply run and climb for your life, which is rare to see in video game breakouts. Plus, the whole sequence is incredibly cinematic.

All the protagonists in the Metal Gear Solid series make mistakes, and it usually results in them being locked up. This happens to Naked Snake in MGS3 when he attempts to infiltrate the fortress known as Groznyj Grad. As Snake, you have to figure a way to unlock your cell door.

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The game doesn’t explicitly tell you what to do, but you have a few options. You can trick the person on guard into opening the thing for you by faking your own death or making yourself throw up. Alternatively, there is a secret code you can use to open the door. And once you’re free from captivity, you must get to safety. The lack of hand-holding and the inclusion of multiple options is what makes this prison break so great.

5 Riddick’s Multiple Attempts To Leave Butcher Bay – The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

A hidden gem of its time, this Chronicles Of Riddick game is an FPS title with plenty of stealth mechanics. As the title suggests, the game revolves around escaping from the correctional facility known as Butcher Bay. So, the adventure involves more than one attempted prison break.

Most are failures, and when you’re caught, you get put into a more heavily guarded section of the prison. Therefore, the goal of escaping captivity starts to seem like a fantasy the deeper you get into the game. Yet, it all leads to one last exciting breakout attempt.

4 Sam Fisher Gets Jamie Washington Out – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2)

In the second mission of the sixth generation console version of Splinter Cell Double Agent, Sam Fisher finds himself locked in Ellsworth Penitentiary. He’s there on purpose, as his mission is to get close to a man named Jamie Washington and break him out of there. This is to help with his overall goal of infiltrating a Domestic Terrorist organization.

The mission begins with a short escape from your cell to acquire a walkie-talkie, which is an intense sequence. Then not long later, you find yourself amid a prison riot. The chaos is a perfect distraction for you to sneak out. However, that is easier said than done as Fisher doesn’t have his iconic stealth suit or all his gear. You’ve got to rely almost entirely on your sneaking talents.

3 American Pilot Tries To Escape Nazis – Prisoner Of War

Most prison breaks in gaming involve escaping from either a penitentiary or dungeon. However, this game has you attempting to break out of Prisoner Of War camps. It’s another title that includes multiple breakout attempts as you play as an American pilot trying to get away from the Nazis.

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You can’t shoot or fight your way out, though, as the game includes no combat. Instead, you must sneak out with the help of your fellow prisoners and any items you find. Overall, it’s a unique and engaging experience.

2 Corvo’s Explosive Exit From Coldridge Prison – Dishonored

In the prologue of Dishonored, bad things happen to the empress and her daughter. And the protagonist, Corvo, is blamed for what went down. So, naturally, they lock him up in Coldridge prison and plan his execution. To survive, you need to escape captivity. Luckily, a friend has managed to smuggle you the key to your cell.

So, now all you need to do is break out of the heavily guarded prison, even though you start with none of the game’s best gadgets. As this title is all about choice, it lets you decide whether you want to fight or sneak your way out of the building. Either way, you will have to blow up the front door and escape into the sewers. It all makes for a very enjoyable mission.

1 New Friends Break Out Together – A Way Out

At the start of A Way Out, both the main characters are locked up. But shortly after they meet and find out they have similar goals, they devise a plan to break out. This planning section is very interesting, as you progressively figure out the best way to leave your cells and escape the penitentiary.

So, you do multiple practice runs, and anytime you run into an obstacle, the two characters go back to their cells and figure out a way to get past it. When the fateful day finally comes, the escape makes for an exhilarating experience, and you get to see the results of all your planning.

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