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Minecraft Lightyear DLC PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile, Switch Release Date

The Lightyear DLC is now available on the Marketplace for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The new content brings Buzz Lightyear and an alien planet to PC, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Xbox One, and PS4. The DLC is currently not available on the Nintendo Switch, although it is expected to be released soon.

Buzz Lightyear invades Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Lightyear DLC

The Lightyear DLC in Minecraft introduces players to the hero’s origin story. There are five missions to complete after Buzz crash lands on an alien planet known as T’Kani Prime, with environments like a hostile jungle, swamp, mine, and alien settlements to negotiate. There’ll be plenty of enemies and bosses that’ll be trying to stop him from saving his friends and crew from Zurg’s evil plans, but the good news is players get various Star Command gadgets and Space Ranger vehicles to help them out. In between missions, players get to fly their spaceship to their next destination but there are obstacles to avoid along the way.

In addition to the origin story, a Lightyear-themed Character Creator item is also included for players to use in the Dressing Room. The Lightyear DLC can be purchased from the Minecraft Marketplace for a price of 1340 Minecoins and is available on all platforms with the exception of Nintendo Switch. After “a recent battle with Emperor Zurg”, the DLC has been delayed on Switch but should be available “soon”. In the meantime, the Lightyear movie made its debut in theaters around the world today, June 17.

In other news, The Quarry and High on Life were reportedly due to be signature Stadia titles before Google’s downsizing sent them in a different direction. Elsewhere, Xbox Game Pass will be losing four games before the end of June, including Jurassic World Evolution and FIFA 20, the latter of which is leaving EA Play.

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