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Unpacking Easter Egg Reveals The Developer’s Next Game

Unpacking developer Witch Beam Games recently tasked players with finding the game’s “best easter egg” after revealing nobody had found it since launch. Now one player actually has, and it looks to be a cleverly hidden tease for the developer’s next game.

First shared by IGN, the eagle-eyed player that discovered the easter egg is Twitter user @xGarbett, who shares a screenshot of their game that includes a TV displaying a pixel-art rendition of what was previously thought to be a made-up show called TemPoPo. The person who found the easter egg claimed it was Witch Beam’s next game, which was then confirmed by the developer’s founder Sanatana Mishra who simply replies with “nice one.”


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Witch Beam didn’t offer up any more information upon this discovery or even if it’s in development at the moment, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement before we learn more about the project. However, we can assume from the game’s art and the title “TemPoPo” that it might be some sort of rhythm game.

If you’ve never heard of Unpacking before, the game is essentially a puzzle game that has you unpacking several boxes and figuring out where the stuff in these boxes actually goes. Anyone who has ever moved house will likely tell you what a stressful ordeal it was, but Unpacking is actually praised for being a rather relaxing experience. There are eight different levels to play through, each one representing a large milestone in the character’s life, and players gradually learn more about their life and goals as they unpack their way through the game.

If you’re itching to unpack some boxes and want to try the game out for yourself, it’s currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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