Autorun platformer ‘Superola Championship Edition’ hits Switch on July 14th, 2022

Explore the fantastic world of Miracle Land in this adventure full of bizarre locations, goofy characters, irreverent situations and lots of retro-gaming and pop-culture love.

Follow the storyline to defeat the Alien Hotdog army and find all the secrets to reveal the special ending and recover all the lost burgers!

Superola features both a modern mode and a retro mode:

Modern includes has 4K hand-drawn cartoon style graphics and a remastered soundtrack, while retro-mode includes the original pixel-art graphics (with lots of CRT filter effects) and chiptune music. You can switch between modern and retro style anytime!

Alpaca’s redemption, a complete bonus game, is included with Superola Champion Edition!

The Mighty Alpaca warrior fought well during the war, but also caused great suffering. It’s time for redemption! Alpaca can jump, dash, climb, swing and even change gravity, but all of these abilities must be offered one by one as a sacrifice to the Alpaca Gods in the Alpos Tower.

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